Clay Travis on QB Ryan Tannehill: 'I Have Zero Faith'

OutKick founder Clay Travis is a Tennessee Titans season ticket holder.

Let me rephrase that: OutKick founder Clay Travis is a newly-pessimistic Tennessee Titans season ticket holder.

Travis has generally been optimistic about Tennessee's title chances -- largely because of an offense that has more weapons than Dwight Schrute's desk -- but he now agrees with many other Titans fans that the franchise will struggle to compete because of their overpriced, underperforming quarterback.

"I think (the Titans) missed their window," said Travis, hours after Denver traded for Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers announced his return to Green Bay. "I think they missed their window by going all in on Ryan Tannehill and believing that he was capable of winning them a championship."

Like most of Nashville, Travis was hoping Wilson, Rodgers or another top tier QB would've ended up in Tennessee and turned the Titans into a legit Super Bowl contender.

"When you look at the overall talent at the AFC, and now you add in Russell Wilson...there is even less reason for a Tennessee Titan fan to be optimistic," Travis said. "...Lots of talent on this Tennessee Titan team. (But) Ryan Tannehill's not gonna get it done."

Tannehill is currently the fourth-highest paid quarterback in the NFL at $38.6 million -- which is quite a bit of cash for a QB who, in the last two postseasons, has gone winless and has thrown twice as many interceptions as touchdowns.

"I have zero faith that Ryan Tannehill is going to perform well," added Travis. "...He's not good enough to win a Super Bowl. He's just not. Not gonna happen. it's never going to become a reality. I think deep in his mind, Ryan Tannehill knows this to be true."

Nashville's known for their country music, but as long as Tannehill is the Titans' starting QB, the blues would make more sense.


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