Aaron Rodgers Calls Out Teammates, Gets Called Out Right Back

The Green Bay Packers are a hot mess right now, and it appears Aaron Rodgers is no longer bullet proof.

During his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee show, Rodgers took aim at his young crop of receivers, saying it's time to start cleaning house.

"Guys who are making too many mistakes, shouldn’t be playing,” Rodgers said Tuesday. "Gotta start cutting some reps. Maybe guys who aren’t playing, maybe give them a chance."

Apparently, when you're also playing poorly, calling out your teammates doesn't quite have the same effect.

Rodgers' former teammate, WR Greg Jennings, had some harsh words for his ex-QB later Tuesday on FOX's First Things First.

"You can’t do this,” Jennings said. “You can’t sit down on a show and start talking about who should and shouldn’t be playing because of mental errors.”

Did Aaron Rodgers call out Packers coach Matt LaFleur?

Jennings later added that he believes Rodgers' comments were also aimed at head coach Matt LaFleur.

"You're telling (LaFleur), you're not doing your job, either," Jennings said. "Now you're trying to play coach and player ... you can't have it all."

The Packers have been a dumpster fire this season, specifically on offense. They've averaged just 18 points per game, while Rodgers is throwing for just over 220 yards per game. Both of those rank toward the middle or bottom of the NFL.

Rodgers, who is also dealing with a thumb injury, hasn't been his normal self all season.

Losing Davante Adams has certainly played a role, and the future Hall of Fame QB hasn't been able to build an ounce of chemistry with anyone not named Adam Lazard.

Jennings, who played with Rodgers from 2006-12, continued to call Rodgers out in a Twitter video posted late Tuesday.

“Aaron Rodgers just has to play better. These receivers understand they have to make plays, but Aaron Rodgers also has to play better," he said.

"This team is not yet out of it, but when you look at their schedule and you look at who they have up next - the Buffalo Bills, then the Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles are still on their list, the Rams, Dolphins - they have an uphill climb that if they don’t strap in, this could get ugly.

"Will it? I believe it all depends on how old No. 12 deals with everything.”

On paper, Rodgers is having a pretty good season. The 38-year-old has thrown for 11 touchdowns to just three picks. However, the Packers are a disappointing 3-4, and the offense has largely been the problem.

Despite the surrounding talent, that starts and stops with Rodgers ... at least according to Jennings.

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