New York City Residents Furious As Youth Football, Soccer Fields Being Replaced To House Migrants

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Ahead of the coming school year, New York City parents and children are expressing their frustration over the ongoing migrant crisis that has now impacted their school and after school programs.

This week the city announced that they will be taking over certain youth football and soccer fields. In their place, they will put up housing tents and other structures to accommodate the tens of thousands of people that are continuing to come into a city that is now admitting they do not have the capacity or the infrastructure to handle.

Migrants and asylum seekers line up outside Manhattan’s Roosevelt Hotel as New York City tries to find a solution to the ongoing crisis. (Photo by Fatih Aktas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)


In a press release on Monday, Democrat Mayor Eric Adams said that the sheer number of migrants has put a strain on the city.

“As the number of asylum seekers in our care continues to grow by hundreds every day, stretching our system to its breaking point and beyond, it has become more and more of a Herculean effort to find enough beds every night,” the Mayor said. While former Democrat Governor David Patterson recently told 77WABC Radio that the migrant crisis has “reached its tipping point.”

If that wasn’t enough, just yesterday Mayor Adams said that New Yorkers will be the ones to foot the bill – which could be as much as $12 BILLION when all is said and done. Over a situation that they themselves had nothing to do with, except of course for a majority of citizens that decided to vote in local and city officials that enacted these exact policies.


New York City parents and community leaders are now concerned that the taking away of sporting fields and facilities such as at Randall’s Island Park will have a detrimental affect in trying to keep kids out of trouble.

“Behind every hour lost are dozens of New York City children who are denied space and time to play,” Randall’s Island Park Alliance argued in a letter to the Deputy Mayor of Operations. They are concerned that years of trying to form outlets for children to utilize in order to stay out of getting involved with gangs or unsafe households is now going to be ruined with the city’s migrant plan.

In 2017 under Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City and the City Council passed sweeping new legislation that declared themselves a “Sanctuary City.” That meant that the NYPD and other NYC agencies could not assist in any federal immigration enforcement measures. Last year, when the border talk became all the rage across the country and politics started getting involved, Mayor Adams boastfully declared how proud he was of NYC’s Sanctuary status.

It appears he may have bit off more than he can chew.


The result? A heartfelt and sad situation for many of the migrants – some who came legally, some illegally, and some who were transported here from southern states like Florida and Texas that have nowhere else to go; all with their own stories and intentions of why they came to America in the first place.

But Adams and NYC are beginning to realize another consequence of their direct actions. New Yorkers themselves are frustrated. Rather than feel sympathy towards the migrants’ plight, they are starting to get extremely angry – especially when their children’s own well-being is at risk.

It’s an absolute mess, which along with an increase in crime is another reason why residents are leaving NYC.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman has been involved in the sports and media industry for over a decade. He’s also a risk taker - the first time he ever had sushi was from a Duane Reade in Penn Station in NYC.


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  1. The stone cold reality is that providing more services for homeless people simply creates more homeless people. The way to reduce the population of them is to not entice those on the verge from coming in to begin with.

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