New Mexico State Cancels Rest Of Basketball Season As Disturbing Hazing Details Emerge

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New Mexico State University’s men’s basketball season is over after disturbing hazing allegations.

The program had previously put the basketball team on indefinite suspension, and the plug has now been pulled on the rest of the slate due to the hazing allegations.

“This action is clearly needed, especially after receiving additional facts and reviewing investigation reports related to the hazing allegations involving student-athletes on the team. Hazing has no place on our campus, and those found responsible will be held accountable for their actions,” chancellor of the New Mexico State University system Dan Arvizu announced in a Sunday statement, according to ESPN.

New Mexico State faces incredibly disturbing hazing allegations.

The Aggies are facing serious allegations of hazing that resulted in a police report being filed with campus authorities.

The report, obtained by ESPN, alleges three unnamed players held another unnamed individual on the team down “removed his clothing exposing his buttocks and began to ‘slap his [buttocks]” and touched his scrotum.

The unnamed victim told police he didn’t resist because it was three grown males against just him. The alleged abuse and sexual assaults had been occurring since roughly late-July/early-August 2022. As of right now, the unnamed victim isn’t pressing charges.

NMSU has been embroiled in chaos all season.

Head coach Greg Heiar and his coaching staff are currently on paid administrative leave. Multiple members of the team have also left the program, but it’s unclear if it’s connected to the alleged hazings and assaults.

Head basketball coach Greg Heiar is on leave amid issues at New Mexico State University. (Credit: New Mexico State Basketball)

This also isn’t the only problem the Aggies have faced this season. Player Mike Peake shot and killed a New Mexico student earlier in the season in a situation that was deemed self-defense by the authorities.

Now, months after that situation, the season is over as incredibly serious allegations continue to surround the program.

Check back to OutKick for the latest developments out of New Mexico State as we have them. It’s a very troubling situation that the sports world will continue to monitor closely.

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  1. This isn’t quite the Baylor scandal from back in the day (which makes Scott Drew’s accomplishments since walking into that mess even more amazing), but holy moley, that’s not a good look for a program entering a brand new conference – and an FBS conference to boot.

  2. There’s more here. There was criminal actions taken by players and coaches in the aftermath of the shooting incident that lead to the death of a UNM student.
    I’m glad Chris Jans came to Starkville before this feces extravaganza started. Of course, this wouldn’t have happened if there was an adult in charge.

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