New Mexico State Basketball Players Helped Remove Gun From Campus After Fatal Shooting

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Following a fatal shooting, four New Mexico State basketball players and their coaches removed a gun from the school’s campus.

That gun belonged to New Mexico State basketball Mike Peake, who has since been suspended by the team. Peake’s gunfire killed a 19-year-old UNM freshman. Peake, 21, was also shot.

The shooting took place on the New Mexico campus in the early morning hours of Nov. 19.

Now, it’s been determined that NMSU teammates and coaches helped Peake remove the gun from campus immediately following the shooting.

Per a police report obtained by KOAT-TV and relayed to the Albuquerque Journal: “Mike Peake met up with three of his teammates in a yellow Camaro on campus before police arrived and put his gun and tablet in the trunk.”

They then left the scene.

Mike Peake has been suspended by New Mexico State. (Photo by Bill Wippert/NCAA Photos via Getty Images).

New Mexico State Teammates Took Action With The Gun

After leaving the scene, the police report indicates that the players called assistant coach Dominique Taylor and head coach Greg Heiar. Roughly 12 hours later, the gun was handed over to New Mexico State police. The basketball team had already left town and were busing to an away game.

Once contacted by police, Coach Taylor handed Peake’s firearm to police at DoubleTree hotel. The gun had been wrapped in a towel.

The police report, as relayed by the Albuquerque Journal, went on to state: “Coach Taylor explained that (basketball players) Issa (Muhammad), Marchelus (Avery), and Anthony (Roy) told coach Heiar where the firearm was at. Coach Heiar then called coach Taylor and told him where the firearm was at and to go get it.”

Peake’s gun was stashed within a room on the hotel’s second floor, but the report was unclear as to which player(s) were staying in the room. When presented to police, the Smith & Wesson gun contained four bullets.

When pressed for comment on the situation Monday evening, NMSU Athletics Director Mario Moccia told the Albuquerque Journal, “We aren’t going to comment on an active investigation.”

More To New Mexico State Basketball’s Story

Peake has not been charged with any crime. At the time of the shooting, he was on the University of New Mexico campus to meet up with a girl. Once there, the female lured him into an attack from three awaiting men. He was chased with a baseball bat and shot at. That’s when Peake returned fire and ultimately killed the UNM freshman.

A short time later, he and his teammates removed the gun from campus.

On Monday, New Mexico State opted to suspend Peake indefinitely. In a statement released to the Las Cruces Sun News, Moccia said: “I cannot or the school can’t comment on his status as a student, but Mike is indefinitely suspended from the program pending the university process and current ongoing investigation process.”

The fatal shooting was first reported by OutKick last month. And as noted, the shooting took place just hours before New Mexico State and New Mexico were scheduled to square off on the hardwood. That game was quickly postponned.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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