Oscar Bait: New Horror Movie Features Killer Sloth Terrorizing Sorority House

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If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if a murderous sloth was set loose in a sorority house, you’re about to find out thanks to a new horror movie.

You’d think that avoiding a sloth — even one hellbent on killing — would be as simple as taking a step back. However, it seems like the sloth in this flick is far from your average sloth.

The aptly titled film Slotherhouse hits theaters at the end of the month. However, you can watch the movie’s trailer now in anticipation of the big release.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the plot centers on a college student named Emily Young who adopts a sloth named Alpha. Why does she do this? Because she wants to be elected president of her sorority.

The old “adopt an exotic rainforest animal” campaign strategy. Works every time. However, Alpha turns out to be a touch more bloodthirsty than the average sloth,

This Sloth Movie Seems Terrible In The Best Way

It seems like the playbook for horror films these days is to come up with as bizarre a premise as possible, and Slotherhouse does exactly that. We’ve seen similar things from the likes of Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey, and on a more commercially successful scale, Cocaine Bear.

This thing looks terrible, but I mean that as a compliment believe it or not. A movie about a killer sloth that was actually good would be insufferable. Can you imagine if it was so good that film school students started writing papers about it/

The main character adopting a sloth is an allegory for her hubris and willingness to do whatever it takes to lead the sorority.

No. You want schlock and a sloth that looks like a Mupper Show reject. That’s the sweet spot. This movie is not going to win an Oscars, but it’s going to be a favorite of folks who love a good bad movie.

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