New Conservative Beer ‘Ultra Right’ Now Available In Response To Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney Drama

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Poured all the Bud Light down the drain and searching for a new brew heading into the weekend? Seth Weathers — a conservative activist — has launched his new line of anti-woke beer dubbed Ultra Right to combat Dylan Mulvaney and Anheuser-Busch.

Bottom’s up!

Weathers, the CEO of Freedom Speaks Up, told Fox News Digital the new beer is a much-needed alternative to Bud Light, which he says has “hired a mentally deranged freak.”

“I have kids and I don’t care what their response is, Bud Light has hired a mentally deranged freak to market perversion to little children. I have a problem with that,” Weathers said. “Corporations that do that should be put out of business by conservatives.

“They are spitting on us. We are half of America — they’re spitting on us. There has to be an alternative.”

Conservative group brews new ‘Ultra Right’ beer to combat Bud Light

Wowzers. There are campaign ads, and then there’s that bombshell. So many layers to that bad boy I don’t know where to start!

We got Dylan Mulvaney cameos from the jump, we got baseball bats crushing Bud Lights off the tee, we got threats to woke corporations throughout. Insane.

Tastes Like Freedom!

This new sheriff in town — dubbed the ‘Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right — is made by a local brewery in northern Illinois, and launched Wednesday. It’s now available online in 42 states.

Weathers also told Fox News Digital that the response to Ultra Right, which sells for $19.99 for a six-pack not including shipping, has been overwhelming from conservatives.

Ultra Beer is here to combat Bud Light!

“Conservatives are blowing me away with the positive response. It’s absolutely nuts,” he said. “The left is doing the usual thing such as sending death threats and being nasty, so that’s all I can say for their response.

“The overwhelming positive response we’re getting, it means a lot to me. I know a lot of people are paying a lot of shipping to get this, they’re paying more than they would to get their Bud Light. They’re doing it because they’re supporting the message we stand for and what we’re doing and that genuinely means a lot to me and everyone involved.”

And hey — only 110 calories for you health nuts out there!

Written by Zach Dean

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