Spencer Rattler Is Back To Throwing Terrible Interceptions And Fans Let Him Have It

One week after the game of his life, South Carolina QB Spencer Rattler is back to his usual self.

The Oklahoma transfer opened Saturday's showdown with Clemson with just the worst interception you'll ever see, throwing it directly to LB Jeremiah Trotter for an easy pick-6 just three minutes into the game.

Seriously, it was bad.

Spencer Rattler draws ire of South Carolina fans

Spencer Rattler has been an absolute lightning rod for South Carolina fans all season, but he put on his Superman cape with a six-touchdown performance in last week's upset of Tennessee.

In case you thought that was finally his turning point ... well, think again!

The junior was clearly back to the old Spencer Rattler in the opening minutes against Clemson, not seeing the linebacker cutting across the middle for the easy touchdown.

Rattler now has a double-digit interceptions this season (10) to just 14 touchdowns.

Fans across social media were quick on the trigger after his latest pick-6. Some called him out for showing off in last week's win, while others were quick to remind South Carolina fans just who their QB was.

"Going to be some disappointed South Carolina fans today," one user tweeted.

"I wonder if (Spencer Rattler) will count his interceptions today like he did TDs last week?" another asked.

Seems like everyone's in the holiday spirit!

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