Marvin Harrison Jr. Makes Insane Catch And College Football Twitter Explodes

It's Marvin Harrison Jr.'s world, and we're all just living in it. The exceptional Ohio State wide receiver has been on a different planet this season, and he was in his bag AGAIN during the first half Saturday against Indiana.

Harrison not only brought down five receptions for 107 yards and a long touchdown in just two quarters of play, but he also came up with an insane grab that set the internet on fire.

Take a look:

Marvin Harrison Jr. makes insane sideline catch for Ohio State

Yep. Marvin Harrison Jr. is a PROBLEM.

The sophomore not only goes up and gets the ball and hangs on, but he somehow gets his foot down in bounds before the other one hits the ground.

Incredible body control, incredible athleticism, big-time player.

Harrison, the son of Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison, has set the college football world on fire so far this season and he's just getting started.

He entered Saturday's contest with 53 receptions and 834 yards, and he's most likely going to surpass 1,000 yards before the fourth quarter.

This long touchdown grab was No. 11 on the season, too.

There's no stopping him.

Anyway, Harrison's crazy grab set the Twitter world on fire (more so than it's been all week, at least). Some asked is he was human (doesn't appear to be), and others calling him a cheat code (duh).

Everyone, though, agreed he was by far the best receiver in the game.

No argument here!

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