Ed Reed Unleashes Hell On Bethune-Cookman In Insane Video After Apparently Being Fired

The Ed Reed era at Bethune-Cookman barely outlasted the Bill Belichick tenure with the New York Jets.

In a stunning (but not really?) turn of events, Reed is apparently OUT at the Daytona Beach-based HBCU mere weeks after becoming the program's next head football coach.

Reed himself confirmed the news in one of the most wild exit interviews you'll ever see.

The former Miami Hurricane legend and NFL Hall of Famer took to Instagram Saturday morning and posted a live 15-minute video of himself addressing the team.

In the profanity-laced video - which included Deion Sanders (!!!) - Reed says he's not withdrawing his name from the program, and instead is being forced out by the administration.

The news comes just one week after Reed apologized for another viral Instagram video that showed him lashing out at the school over the conditions of campus and his office, while also saying he's been working for free for the past three weeks because he still hasn't signed a contract.

Here's Reed's Instagram takedown of the school from Saturday morning. Buckle up and settle in.

Ed Reed accuses Bethune-Cookman of lying, brings in Deion Sanders

My God. Is that the single greatest exit press conference of all time? Talk about burning bridges on your way out!

I don't even know where to begin, because there is just so much to digest.

"I'm NOT withdrawing my name ... they don't want me here, because I tell the truth," Reed starts out. "This hurts because I know people don't care about these kids like I do!"

That was just the beginning of Reed's rant, which included multiple ball-slams followed by a loud "Motherf*cker! Yeah, I cursed."


"There are some corrupt people in this world! Some evil people who don't care about kids like I do," he continues before threatening the school by saying he's "got the receipts" and that there's "all kinds of stuff going on around here."

"Deion (Sanders) was right, and I know I'm right," he added.

Reed then - I believe - compares himself to Jesus Christ, which was a wild turn of events, too.

After that, Reed gets emotional as he points out his nephew, who apparently also transferred to Bethune-Cookman upon Reed's hiring.

"They want me to leave my nephew .... here!" he screams.

Later on, Reed has someone read what he says is the official release from Bethune-Cookman saying Reed withdrew his name - which he again says is a lie.

Among the other notable items in this exit interview include Reed revealing he found a player's lost wallet and returning it to him with a condom joke mixed in, which, frankly, lightened the mood a bit!

"Glad you're using protection, too," he said.

"They lying, they ain't right," Reed again says before bringing up the KKK and saying the school is more concerned with his cursing when "people are out here trying to kill these kids."

Things then get WILD at the end when DEION SANDERS makes a damn cameo on the Instagram Live feed out of absolutely nowhere!

And he gives Ed Reed a sermon.

Again, insane.

"I love you man, you know that right," Sanders said. "We talked about this. We know the structure, we know how it was gonna play out. You been there fighting. I know what you're going through. God has a time and a place for you. I know you like a book.

"I know you do not want to leave those kids. I'm praying for you. Sometimes, Ed, you got to walk away."

Holy hell. I've never seen anything like it. What a wild ride.

I don't know what happens from here, but it certainly appears the Ed Reed era at Bethune-Cookman is over. Don't know who to blame, who's at fault, who's telling the truth.

But it was one hell of a ride.

RIP to the Ed Reed era at Bethune-Cookman: Dec. 2022-Jan. 2023.

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