Deion Sanders Laughs At Colorado Speculation: 'That's A Good One'

Deion Sanders may be leaving Jackson State for Colorado, and it's not exactly a big secret around the building.

But you still need to kinda-sorta tiptoe around the possibility when you're talking to Prime, and that's exactly what reporter Rob Jay did this week.

Deion Sanders responds to Colorado question

What a damn duo!

If Prime does leave JSU for Colorado (or USF or Cincinnati), he HAS to bring Rob Jay with him, right? These two have been giving us A+ content all season, but these two minutes take it to an entirely new level.

"Next week they play the Denver Broncos in Colorado," as Jay pans toward the camera and then back to Deion is perfection.

"I'm going with you? We gonna ride together?" he says before looking back at the camera as Prime loses it.

That, boys and girls, is good stuff. I don't care who you are, that's funny.

Deion Sanders can be intimidating as hell to interview, and Jay beautifully bring up the elephant in the room without actually bringing it up.

Consummate professional.

Anyway, time is ticking on Deion and all these alleged job offers. Does he want to go to USF? Cincy? Colorado?

Or, does he just stay at Jackson State and keep running over FCS teams?

Buckle up!

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