Confident Bo Nix Is Playing So Well He Wants Another Shot At Georgia

Despite losing 49-3 to Georgia way back in Week 1, Bo Nix believes his Oregon Ducks would beat the No. 1 Bulldogs if the two played this weekend.

Speaking to CBS Sports, the Ducks QB responded with a confident "I do" when asked whether he thinks the team - which hasn't lost since that Sept. 3 drubbing - would take down the 'Dogs if they were playing Saturday.

"If we played them again tomorrow, the game would be completely different, and everybody knows that," Nix added. "From the first game of the season, a lot of teams get so much better."

Could Oregon beat Georgia in College Football Playoff?

Bold take from the senior, especially seeing as he's got a ... rocky ... history against Georgia. Nix is 0-4 against the Bulldogs in his career, with three of those losses coming when he was at Auburn.

However, this is clearly a very different Bo Nix.

The senior has been outstanding since that Week 1 loss, throwing 17 touchdowns to three interceptions - including five in last week's win over UCLA.

The Ducks (6-1) have climbed all the way up to No. 8 in the country, have scored at least 40 points in every win, and have a favorable schedule the rest of the way.

Assuming Oregon can get by Utah on Nov. 19, it's certainly possible that a win in the Pac-12 title game could put them in the College Football Playoffs.

And hey, I hear there's a good chance Georgia will be there, too!

Maybe Nix will get the chance to back up his talk.

In any event, it's hard to envision any team outside of Tennessee beating Georgia right now, especially one from the Pac-12.

The Bulldogs have basically trampled every team they've played this season, with one weird hiccup against Missouri, and should have no problem with Florida this weekend.

Assuming they don't lose to both Tennessee and Kentucky over the next month, the defending champs will be back in the SEC title game with a shot at returning to the CFB in January.

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