Arch Manning Shuns NIL Deals Until He Makes College Decision

There are a lot of stories out there about Arch Manning, the 5-star QB recruit out of New Orleans. After all, he has an impressive pedigree, a list of big-name college football suitors, and some friends in high places.

But when it comes to Name, Image, and Likeness, Manning says there will be no story. And that's the story.

See, Manning is perhaps the most highly anticipated high school QB in a generation. Programs are so desperate to sign him that at this point, he could basically write his own NIL endorsement deal.

But he won't.

According to The Comeback, Manning has refused to accept any NIL deal while he still considers his college football options. He allegedly said he "doesn't want to tarnish the brand" and that he “doesn’t want it to look like he was induced,” per a source.

Which means that the actual story here is how smart Manning is. Manning's own grandfather, Archie Manning, recently called NIL "the wild, wild west," per Nick Geddes of OutKick, and the shootout on Wednesday and Thursday between legendary college football coaches Nick Saban, Jimbo Fisher, and Deion Sanders shows just what a mess it is.

Though Manning would be a fool to turn down the NIL deals that will come his way once he makes his college decision, he's right to stay out of the fray and protect his own brand for now. And that's a non-story worth reporting.