After Two Weeks Away, We Finally Have A Major Lee Corso Update

Less than a week after social media tried to kill Lee Corso, the ESPN College Gameday legend will be back on set today in Knoxville.

Corso, 87, has missed the last two weeks due to health issues, but ESPN said Friday that Corso would retake his longtime seat when the show goes live at 9 a.m.

The network sent out a tweet Friday afternoon showing Corso alive and well at the show's morning production meeting.

Lee Corso misses College Gameday for two weeks as rumors fly

Ironically, Corso last appeared on College Gameday for the Sept. 24 show from Tennessee, where he also happens to be today.

He was mysteriously absent the following Saturday, and also missed last week's show from Kansas.

"Lee Corso, a staple of this show, woke up this morning feeling a little bit under the weather. So, we went and made sure he was checked out. Feeling much better we’re happy to report," ESPN Gameday host Rece Davis informed fans during Corso's initial absence.

While nobody knows what exactly Corso has been dealing with - he is 87, after all - the rumor mill took an ugly dive earlier this week when word falsely began to spread on Twitter that Corso had passed away.

That was obviously not true, but the news spread like a wildfire for some time Monday evening.

Things got so out of hand that longtime partner Kirk Herbstreit had to step in and douse the flames.

Herbstreit quickly shut down any speculation, tweeting Monday that the "ENTIRE" College Gameday crew would be in Knoxville.

Anyway, it's good to have Corso back where he belongs. He's taken some heat over the past few years, and his age has certainly caught up to him at times, but the guy is an absolute legend in college football and should remain on set as long as he wants.

Not so fast, my friend! Lee Corso is still here, baby!

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