NBC Is Rescuing Al Michaels From Amazon & Letting Him Call Chargers-Jags

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Al Michaels is being rescued by his former employer, NBC, after a pretty miserable first season at Amazon Prime.

Sort of.

Michaels, 78, will be back in NBC booth Saturday for the first time since he left his longtime company to call Thursday night games for Amazon this season.

The Hall of Fame play-by-play man will return to NBC to call Saturday night’s showdown in Jacksonville between the Chargers and Jags. Sadly, though, he’ll be joined by Tony Dungy, not longtime partner Cris Collinsworth.

Al Michaels is a legend.
Al Michaels might actually see a good football game this weekend! (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)

Al Michaels returns to NBC for Chargers-Jags

So, how does it all work? Pretty cut and dry, actually.

Even though Michaels left NBC last year (or was kicked out, depending on how you look at it), he still signed an “emeritus deal” with the company that allows him to call various events over the next few years, including the Olympics and select playoff football games.

Not a bad gig!

Anyway, that’s all neither here nor there. The real point here is that Al Michaels will FINALLY get to call a good football game this season after months of suffering. Seriously, this HAD to have been the worst TNF slate in history, right?

I mean, do I have to remind anyone of the Week 5 Colts-Broncos game? Or Eagles-Texans? Zach Wilson vs. the Jags a few weeks ago?

Painful. It was all so bad, and 78-year-old Al Michaels deserves better in his golden years.

Kirk Herbstreit can suck it up and deal with it because he gets to go hang out with Pat McAfee two days later, but Al Michaels deserved better.

Glad he’s finally getting to call a meaningful football game Saturday, though. Frankly, it may be the sneaky best game of the weekend, too.

Definitely the game with the best hair.

Give ’em hell, Al!

Written by Zach Dean

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