NASCAR Wives Hit The Beach, Bubba Wallace Gets Dirty, Kyle Busch Takes Hike While Wife Enjoys Lake, Cabo Trips & Boat Vacations

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For the first time in months, we didn’t have a NASCAR race Sunday. That means no column today. See everyone after Nashville.

Just kidding! Quite the opposite, in fact.

NASCAR’s one off week of the season (maybe they have more, but I don’t feel like checking) can mean only one thing: the boys — and girls — get to go out and play.

Yep. We’re talking fishing expeditions, trips to Cabo, beach vacations and absolute HEATERS from all the OG NASCAR WAGS out there.

Samantha Busch was back in her bag last week. McCall Gauling caused quite the stir. Hooters Gianna continued her onslaught of the social media streets. Hell, we even had Bubba Wallace getting dirty and Kyle Busch taking a hike.

Don’t you DARE tell me you’re getting that kind of content anywhere else on a Monday after an off week. Trust me, you’re not. NASCAR media ain’t exactly edgy.

Four tires, some jet fuel to get us to Cabo and maybe a couple extra bikinis for Queen Samantha … Monday Morning Pit-Stop — the ‘These Gals Deserve A Break’ edition — is LIVE!

Kyle Busch takes a hike while Samantha enjoys the lake

Let’s hop right in, because we have a ton of NASCAR vacations to get through.

We’re obviously going to start with the Busch Clan, because you don’t become NASCAR’s OG Power Couple by accident.

Looks like our favorite duo jetted off to St. Lucia for the week, where they crushed the lake, went for an absurd hike and enjoyed the scenic views.

Not a bad way for Kyle Busch to recharge after piling up the wins already this season.

NASCAR stud McCall Gaulding casts a line

Would I spend four hours walking my ass up a giant mountain during my one week off of the season? Nope. But I’m also not married to Queen Samantha, so I get it. Smart move, Rowdy.

Let’s head back to the states, where McCall Gaulding — the fiancée of Truck Series star Zane Smith — won her third Better Half Dash last week.

The annual race, run by several NASCAR WAGS, came down to the end, but our girl McCall figured out a way to get it done.

Naturally, her and Zane then celebrated with a little R&R on the boat where they caught a absolute WHOPPER.

NASCAR WAG McCall Gaulding celebrates off week in bikini.

Don’t look now, the Stenhouses and Gillilands are coming

What a catch — both by Zane AND by McCall. Love those two.

Let’s now head to … Cabo! Talk about a pair of Power Couples uniting for the greater good, who had the Stenhouses and Gillilands joining forces on their 2023 Bingo card?

Not me, but that’s why we play the game.

The Gillilands, by the way, know how to party. Don’t forget, they’re the ones who threw a banger Bahamas wedding before the season and here they are again, this time from Cabo!

Hooters Gianna Tulio and Ryan Blaney continue to set NASCAR standard

While those four were in Cabo, Hooters Gianna and Rhino stayed out west after last week’s race at Sonoma so Tulio could soak up some west coast sun.

What Gianna says, goes. You all know the rules.

Tulio, by the way, was also in the NASCAR Wife Race along with McCall Gaulding. Small world.

You don’t see this kind of spotter-driver interaction on a normal race day!

Finally, let’s check in on Bubba Wallace

Let’s see — we’ve covered Queen Samantha Busch, Hooters Gianna and McCall Gaulding. Think we’ve hit all the right notes, right?

Wait! Almost forgot Harrison Burton’s dancer girlfriend, Jenna Petty, who did a little reset over in Carolina. How stupid of me.

Whew. I think we got all the NASCAR WAG vacations out of the way. Looks like one hell of a week. Different worlds, man.

By the way, it wasn’t all fun in the sun during the off week. How about OutKick favorite Bubba Wallace — fresh off calling out NASCAR fans for treating him differently — getting a little dirty with new wife Amanda?

The Pihea Vista Trail is apparently a 2.3-mile trail out in Hawaii. Not how I’d spend my trip out there, but to each his own. Bubba’s been on a role lately, so he can do what he damn well pleases with his off time.

And that concludes today’s off-week class. See you at Nashville.

… what? Oh, you wanna get angry at me because I didn’t talk any racing? Sorry — there was NOTHING going on last week.

What do you want me to do? Break down the playoff standings with two months left in the regular season? Gee, that’s original!

Here’s your breakdown:

Everyone who made it last year will make it again this year and Chase Elliott probably needs to win to get in, although there’s still a slight chance he can make it on points.

There. You’re caught up.

Now, see you at Nashville. Olivia Dunne will be there, so get your minds right.

Written by Zach Dean

Zach grew up in Florida, lives in Florida, and will never leave Florida ... for obvious reasons. He's a reigning fantasy football league champion, knows everything there is to know about NASCAR, and once passed out (briefly!) during a lap around Daytona. He swears they were going 200 mph even though they clearly were not.

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