Mystery Woman Hanging Out With Scottie Pippen Flashes Photographers

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Scottie Pippen is proving that his ex-wife, Larsa Pippen, isn’t the only one who can have some fun and a possible mid-life crisis while in public. The NBA Hall of Famer proved Friday in Malibu that he still knows how to have some fun too.

The 57-year-old was spotted driving an SUV out of a parking lot accompanied by an unknown woman. The two were reportedly leaving a date at Soho House. He threw up a peace sign to photographers as he drove away.

Scottie’s unkonwn companion, apparently more of an exhibitionist, had a little more in store for them. She put the backseat window down and proceeded to flash her bra at the photographers as the car passed.

The woman managed to keep her face out of view of the cameras, but it’s safe to assume that she’s not his ex. They’ve made it very obvious that they’ve gone their separate ways.

Scottie’s car ride with the unknown bra flasher came after footage of Larsa celebrating her 49th birthday with her boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, made the rounds on social media.

The two of them were spotted inside of a club puffing on a hookah. The video that surfaced also shows some other boob-related activities that took place as part of the birthday celebration.

Scottie Pippen Seems To Like Mixing It Up

Do we have a classic ex attempting to outdo an ex situation here? One would hope not given their ages, but social media has seemingly ruined any chance of moving on civilly.

All bets are off. The fact that the bra flashing took place so close to Larsa’s very public birthday celebration has people viewing this as a response even if it wasn’t.

It’s a sad development. But it’s not as sad as Scottie coming out and trashing his former teammate Michael Jordan, who for the record despite the shade thrown by Pippen, doesn’t approve of his son’s relationship with Larsa.

Nobody’s enjoying all of this more than Scottie’s ex.

Written by Sean Joseph

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