Mormon TikTok Influencer, Known For ‘Soft Swinging,’ Pleads Not Guilty Following Domestic Violence Arrest

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Mormon TikTok influencer Taylor Frankie Paul has been going through it over the last couple of years. Her “soft swinging” scandal led to a divorce which then led to a domestic violence arrest after an alleged incident with her boyfriend last month.

In the world of influencing everything is content. Paul has documented everything from her soft swinging to finding love with a new boyfriend. So you better believe her domestic violence arrest showed up on social media too.

Taylor Frankie Paul Mormon TikTok Influencer
Mormon TikTok influencer making content (Image Credit: Taylor Frankie Paul Mormon/Instagram)

The 28-year-old, who has reportedly plead not guilty to the felony counts of domestic violence and aggravated assault from the February domestic violence arrest, addressed the incident on Instagram.

Paul said, “The last few weeks have been the hardest of weeks of my life. I wanted to thank all of those who have been by my side, those who reached out and the strangers that stopped to hug me.”

“I’ve silently been working on healing, therapy, a blessing, starting classes, and got on antidepressants to help me during this time,” she continued. “I’m starting to feel progress and will be back to work soon.”

“Again, just thank you for those that have given me grace at this very difficult time.”

Mormon TikTok Influencer Taylor Frankie Paul
Mormon TikTok influencer addresses arrest (Image Credit: Instagram via NY Post)

Paul’s boyfriend Dakota Mortensen said after her arrest, “She’s a good mom, she’s going through a lot in her life right now. Taylor’s been struggling, it’s been a hard year for her. She is racked with guilt on her cheating scandal that cost her her marriage.”

During the initial court appearance on March 3, he turned down a protective order against Paul. She allegedly hit him with a wooden play set and three metal chairs.

Time To Refocus On Being A Mormon TikTok Influencer

A pretrial protective order was entered on behalf of her children. According to reports, one of the metal chairs fell and hit one of the kids during the incident.

Paul was also ordered to say away from alcohol. Her next court appearance is scheduled for the end of the month.

I’m rooting for a happy outcome here. Paul seems to be taking the whole soft swinging thing way too hard. So she slipped up and took things too far. It could happen to anyone.

Let’s hope she gets things back on track and start cranking out more Mormon TikTok content. Who knows where that will lead? Maybe she’ll end up doing some Mormon influencing on OnlyFans. She wouldn’t be the first to do so.

Written by Sean Joseph

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