Mormon TikTok Influencer Arrested For Domestic Violence

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Mormon TikTok influencer Taylor Frankie Paul is back in the news. Last summer the 28-year-old made headlines when her “soft swinging” went too far, caused a lot of drama, and ended with her getting a divorce.

So how is she doing? Well, it turns out, not great. Paul was arrested in Utah the early morning hours on Saturday. She was released several hours later on three misdemeanor charges of assault, criminal mischief, and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

Mormon TikTok influencer Taylor Frankie Paul
Mormon TikTok influencer and her new boyfriend (Image Credit: Taylor Frankie Paul)

Paul shares two young children with her ex-husband Tate Paul. Her new boyfriend Dakota Mortensen shared some of the details surrounding her arrest.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Mortensen explained that he picked Paul up from a “Galentine’s Party” she attended on Friday night. He drove her back to her house before whatever happened, happened.

“I’m not even allowed to speak with her,” Mortensen said. “I really don’t want to talk about it but I want to clarify a few things.”

He then went on to explain that he wasn’t the one who called the police. He suggested that it might have been a neighbor who placed the call.

Mortensen wouldn’t give any details about what led to the call being placed. He said, “I’m going to wait for everything to come out before I speak on it.”

He added, “She never hurt anyone intentionally.”

There’s A Way To Put This All In The Rearview Mirror

Mortensen claims the two didn’t argue and that he really doesn’t want the truth of what happened to come out. He said, “I don’t even want the truth to come out. She’s so broken right now. I tried to help her.”

“She’s a good mom, she’s going through a lot in her life right now,” he added. “Taylor’s been struggling, it’s been a hard year for her. She is racked with guilt on her cheating scandal that cost her her marriage.”

Forget what led to the arrest for a minute. This is a Mormon TikTok influencer known for soft swinging. I want to know what went down at the Galentine’s Party.

I can’t be the only one. Not to mention that spilling what went down at the girls only Valentine’s Day celebration is the perfect way to get people to talk about something else.

Details about the Friday night turn the page on the Saturday morning arrest. It’s just how we’re wired.

Written by Sean Joseph

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