Morgan Wallen Hit By Cowboy Boot On Stage, Angrily Throws It Into The Abyss

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Stop throwing your crap at Morgan Wallen. Unless you A) wanna be kicked out or B) never get it back ever again.

Your choice, losers.

Wallen — the hottest country music singer on the planet right now — was signing autographs on stage at the end of his most recent stadium at Busch Stadium when he was hit square in the chest by a rogue cowboy boot.

Being the consummate professional he is, Morgan Wallen first finished applying his John Hancock before promptly picking up the boot and hurling it to the opposite side of the stadium.


Stop throwing things at Morgan Wallen

Fair is fair, and that seems pretty fair to me. You wanna throw your boot at Morgan Wallen? Fine. That’s your choice. But don’t expect to ever see it again.

This also isn’t the first time Wallen’s caught some strays on stage. Yes, for some reason people are big time into throwing things are Morgan Wallen right now, which seems like an odd hobby.

Anyway, he was crushed with a beer a few months during a show in Australia, and responded by kicking the responsible party out altogether.

“One of y’all own up to this, or I’m going to kick the whole f**king group out. One of y’all go ahead and say, ‘I did it.’

Alright, kick that kid out of here then.”

That crap may fly in Australia, but it doesn’t work in the US of A, buddy. You wanna throw beer? Fine. You’re out! You wanna chuck a cowboy boot?

Okeedokee — hope you have good insurance!

Another day, another win for Morgan Wallen. Pretty sure Last Night has been the No. 1 song in America for about four months now.

What a heater.

Written by Zach Dean

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