Model Says She’s The Latest Victim Of ‘Hot Phobia’ And Has Changed The Way She Dresses In Public Because Of It

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Just when you thought you had heard the last of “hot phobia,” the trend comes back like it had never left. Models and content creators have been shamed for being too hot left and right.

Unfortunately, it appears as if it’s here to stay. It if it continues you’re going to see less cut-off shorts at the grocery store and tiny crop tops on the school runs to pick up the kids. Is that really the kind of society you want to live in?

The latest to fall victim to the trend is Louanna Jasmin. The 30-year-old model from London has already put away her short skirts, low-cut tops and knee high boots because of it. She was receiving dirty looks from women and less invites to go out from friends.

“I’d never heard of the term hot-phobia but as soon as I did I realized it was happening to me,” Jasmin admitted. “I’ve been shamed for years for looking a certain way, whether it’s at work, or on the street. I used to love wearing short skirts, low-cut tops and knee high boots.”

Notice how she said she used to love wearing those things. Now those items have to stay in closet when she goes out, just to avoid the extra drama that goes along with them.

“But now my friends snub me and don’t invite me out because they say I take all the attention from blokes,” she explained. “I’ve stopped dressing sexily when I’m out now as it’s not worth the drama.”

Dealing with the dirty looks from women and the issues with her friends are one thing, but what really made her change the way she dresses is all the attention from men.

Louanna Jasmin Is The Perfect Example Of Hot Phobia Gone Too Far

Her single friends hated that she would get all the attention when they went out, especially because she already has a boyfriend. All of the catcalls and being asked out on the streets was, as you might expect, exhausting.

So Louanna Jasmin decided to change the way she dresses in public, which is a shame. She said, “It’s easier to cover up than deal with the stress.”

Prior to covering up, people had the misconception that she just wanted to show off and be sexy. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

“If I wear a short skirt people think I’m trying to draw attention to myself and my tatts, but I’m really not,” Jasmin explained. “I’m probably just wearing it because it’s hot outside.”

She hasn’t just had to deal with hot phobia when she goes out either. She experienced it when she used to work an office job and even at the gym. Jasmin would regularly be pulled aside by her boss and wearing anything but baggy clothes to the gym is completely out of the question.

“A man once told me I was inviting all the looks, because of the way I dress. So now, I try and project myself differently so people leave me alone.”

It’s gotten to the point that Jasmin doesn’t even try when she goes out. She’s a young model who dresses like a middle-aged mom run ragged by her kids.

“I try to make myself look as bad as possible. I’ve stopped getting my eyelashes done, I’ve stopped wearing makeup out, because it’s easier,” Jasmin said. “It’s a shame I can’t just be myself, but people are too mean.”

It’s a shame indeed. Who wants to live in a world where hot people aren’t free to be hot? Not me.

Written by Sean Joseph


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