Vols Fan OnlyFans Model Sara Blake Cheek Goes Off On Ump Who 'LeBroned' During Tony Vitello Confrontation

While the blue checkmarks were busy breaking down Tennessee Vols head baseball coach bumping an umpire and being thrown out of a game against Alabama, all I could think about was how Vols superfan OnlyFans model Sara Blake Cheek reacted to the major drama between Vitello and third base umpire Jeffrey Macias.

In a brief Twitter DM session because she's busy running a social media empire, Sara unloaded on Macias for his role in the confrontation with Vitello, which resulted in a four-game suspension for the 43-year-old skipper.

"That umpire definitely 'Lebroned' that chest bump from Tony Vitello," the Vols superfan wrote. "In hockey, the third base ump would've been called for embellishment."

The mother of two, who burst onto the social media scene after revealing her kids were kicked off sports teams when the cancel mobs came after her, thinks there's a simple solution to what went down in the weekend series against Alabama.

"I say we have Rashaan Gaulden come back for the next Tennessee-Alabama game and tell them they are number one again. For the extremity of Tony Vitello's suspension, which should only be two games, they should make Jeffrey Macias sit out with his buddies from the Music City Bowl and take a refresher course."

Boom, roasted.

As usual, Sara Blake Cheek ($13.99 per month on OnlyFans) didn't miss during our DM meeting -- speaking of didn't miss, make sure you don't miss Sara roasting Coach Cal after Kentucky's first-round tourney loss to Saint Peters.

Vitello served his first game of the suspension Sunday against Alabama. He sit out a game against Bellarmine and then the first two games of an upcoming weekend series at Florida.

Will this be the last time you'll hear from Sara Blake this college baseball season? Absolutely not. The Vols are No. 1, Clay built a massive Tennessee empire and we have a duty around here to serve that empire with the analysis they actually care about.

Another job well done, Sara.

FLOP! LeBroned!

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