Miss BumBum Contestants Prepare For This Year’s Competition With A Viral Booty Challenge

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It’s that time of year again, the Miss BumBum 2023 competition is right around the corner. While I wasn’t able to find an actual date for this year’s “Grand Final,” the link on the competition’s Instagram page took me to last year’s schedule which held the final in August.

The Instagram page also announced a couple of weeks ago that they would be revealing the 27 contestants battling it out for the title of Miss BumBum. To date they’ve introduced a third of the total number of participants.

Miss BumBum contestants Lari Sumpani and Kine-chan
Miss BumBum contestants doing viral booty challlenge (Image Credit: Larissa Sumpani/Instagram)

Now is the time to get in any last minute workouts to make sure your backside is ready for the rigorous competition. That’s exactly what two of the contestants that have been named are doing.

Brazilian influencer Larissa Sumpani and digital influencer Kine-chan teamed up for a little booty to booty training. If Sumpani’s name rings a bell it’s because she’s the influencer who recently had an x-ray taken of her perfect butt to prove that it’s real.

The two influencers went with a simple workout compared to last year’s winner Carolina Lekker, who stayed in shape by having five hours of sex a day. These two are using a simple viral booty challenge that was popular a few years ago on social media.

Larissa Sumpani And Kine-chan Make Quite The Influencer Duo

The two stand butt to butt, bent over at the waist, and attempt to use their booty to pass a roll of toilet paper back-and-forth.

“The purpose of the challenge is to turn the toilet paper roll with my butt,” Sumpani, who wants the other contestants to try the challenge, explained. “But besides that, I also need to pass it to my friend’s butt.”

It’s not having sex for five hours a day, but not everyone has that kind of time. That regimen is one that needs to be followed well in advance of the approaching contest.

The viral booty challenge is for those last minute tune-ups. It’s not going to replace a full workout routine and anyone thinking that it will is sadly mistaken.

Is it enough to have these two make it all the way to the Grand Final? It certainly isn’t going to hurt their chances.

Written by Sean Joseph

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