Miss BumBum Contestant Claims She Has Sex 5 Hours A Day To Stay In Shape

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Carolina Lekker has a very straightforward strategy for staying in shape.

Lekker is competing in Brazil’s famous Miss Bum Bum contest, and as we all know, everyone needs an edge to win any competition they’re competing in.

What’s Lekker’s edge? Well, in order to stay in shape she claims to have sex five hours a day!

“To burn the calories, I started the sex diet. It’s five hours of sex a day, at least four days a week. I want to lose 13 pounds. We lose a lot of calories having sex. Besides, it’s a normal thing, which is good for your health,” Lekker explained to The Daily Star.

However, it’s just not lots of sex that Lekker uses to stay in shape. She also watches her diet.

“I have avoided soda, excess alcohol, dairy products and fatty foods. I eat more dark chocolate, bananas, eggs and honey,” she explained to the publication.

Like I said above, everyone needs an edge when it comes to competing. Whether it’s finding ways to win in the NFL or finding ways to win the legendary Miss BumBum competition, you have to do whatever you have to do.

Peyton Manning used to be addicted to breaking down film. Lekker’s strategy involves not eating unhealthy food and having lots of sex.

We all have our different strategies!

Hopefully, her strategy pays off because she’s going to extraordinary lengths to win. That’s simply a kind of commitment you rarely see these days!

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