Game of Thrones Prequel to Slash Sex Scenes

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House of the Dragon hopes to recapture much of what made the original series a phenomenon — that is minus the sex.

Dragon showrunners Miguel Sapochnik and Ryan Condal are taking a more politically correct approach to Westeros by scaling back on the number of sex scenes.

Sapochnik says the show won’t portray sex in the same way as its predecessor, claiming the original series “glorified” its nature.

He’s referring to the early season of Game of Thrones, when everyone, except those in the Night’s Watch, got some.

Thrones toned down the sex in the later seasons. The difference was George R.R. Martin.

Thrones initially followed Martin’s novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire. It wasn’t until around Season 6 that the HBO series passed the timeline of the most recent novel, forcing the showrunners to write their own scenes.

The less Martin, the less sex.

And though Sapochnik and Condal are basing Dragon on Martin’s Fire & Blood, they mostly use the book as a reference to Westeros history.

Fire & Blood does not provide many lines of dialogue or interaction between central characters. It’s less of a traditional novel than it is a fake history book about the legacy of the Targaryen family.

So, Sapochnik and Condal can take this show in any which direction. And the pressure is on.


Dragon comes in with as much pessimism as hype. The ending of Thrones erased the goodwill that once surrounded the Westeros universe. It’s up to Dragon to refind it.

HBO has much riding on the success of the series. The network plans to expand beyond Dragon with several prequels in development. In addition, HBO is looking to order a Jon Snow sequel series that picks up following the events of the original show.

Sex or no sex, House of the Dragon ought to be worth the ride.

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