Brazilian Influencer Brings The Receipts – An X-Ray – To Prove That Her Butt Is Real After Haters Claim Her Perfect Backside Is A Fake

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Brazilian influencer, Larissa Sumpani, is tired of hearing people claim that her perfect butt is the result of a cosmetic procedure. The haters have been repeatedly making the claims leading others to question her booty’s authenticity.

The 24-year-old is adamant that her backside is real and is the result of hard work in the gym. Sumpani doesn’t necessarily blame those who are questioning her butt. She chalks that up to the fact that there aren’t many that look like hers and are natural.

Brazilian Influencer Larissa Sumpani Butt
Brazilian influencer takes on the haters (Image Credit: Larissa Sumpani/Instagram)

“I think people aren’t used to seeing such a beautiful and natural butt, and they end up thinking it’s silicone,” she said. “I’ve even lost count of how many times I’ve had to answer that question.”

In order to answer the questions once and for all, and put the controversy to rest, she went out and had an x-ray taken of her perfect butt. She then put the x-ray up on Instagram hoping that would answer any future questions.

Sumpani starts out the caption of her receipts post by declaring, “100% NATURAL BUTT.” She then breaks down all of the hard work that she puts in to putting her best influencer booty forward.

“Guys, I couldn’t stand people saying that I put silicone in my butt. Yes, my butt is extremely symmetrical, but that’s not the result of any kind of aesthetic procedure, it’s a result of A LOT OF GYM,” she continued.

“And as you can see, I took an X-ray to prove that I don’t have silicone in my [peach emoji], it’s 100% natural and symmetrical, really!”

Larissa Sumpani Put An End To The Debate

Being a student of the content game, she has even suggested a new nickname for herself, “So, do I deserve the fame of the most symmetrical butt on Only.F?”

That settles it. The heated debate over Sumpani’s booty has come to an end. For now anyway. The haters have been silent since she dropped her receipts.

If there were any haters still doubting the authenticity of her booty, or of the x-rays that she provided, they didn’t show up in the comment section as of yet.

The DMs might be a different story. I’m not sure why anyone would care enough one way or another to reach out, but I’m confident they exist.

Call me naive if you want. But if you go through the trouble of posting an x-ray to prove your butt is real, I’m going to believe you.

Written by Sean Joseph

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