Milwaukee Brewers ‘To Discuss’ Boycotting Its Game Versus Reds

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In the wake of the events in Kenosha, Wisconsin two NBA games inside The Bubble have been canceled — the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted its game versus Orlando while both the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets announced they would not play. 

The Milwaukee Brewers may bring Major League Baseball into the fray with a boycott of its game this evening. It is a move that Josh Hader said the team will consider. 

Hader told reporters, “I’m sure it is something we are going to discuss.”

Milwaukee is scheduled to play the Cincinnati Red at 8:10pm this evening and no word on whether or not that game will happen.

The NBA games were the first to not take place but they were not the first sports demonstration. Yesterday, the Detroit Lions canceled football practice, the Toronto Raptors previously threatened to boycott games while Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone expressed frustration about what could and could not be done by players to express frustration.

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  1. If they’re going to boycott, it should be to demonstrate against the mayor & governor’s lackluster response to the looting & rioting, which has claimed two lives and numerous businesses. When Trump wins Wisconsin, he should send a thank you letter to these millionaire athletes and blue state politicians.

  2. I wonder is Hader’s comments here are tied in any way to the backlash he got over the gay-bashing tweets he sent when he was a teenager (that some loser dug up). Being for the boycott could be a PR move here. Food for thought.

    • He also quoted the n-word in rap music. He got roasted right before his 1st allstar game. Now he’s almost pitched 10 innings of no-hit ball as the Brewers closer.

      What are the Bucks and Brewers supposed to do? It’s a pretty screwed up situation. The cops even with the second video have questions to answer. Jacob Blake is not a stand-up guy based on his rap sheet, and more information might show he was a mortal threat – so lets see it play out. It’s possible both sides are terrible.

      Obviously it goes without saying the riots don’t help things.

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