Michigan Names Colin Kaepernick Honorary Captain

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Colin Kaepernick will soon be back on a football field — though he’s still unlikely to take snaps. The one-time 49er and full-time anti-American, is headed to the University of Michigan to serve as the “honorary captain” of the Michigan spring game on Saturday at 12:00 pm EST.

UM’s football account announced the news in a tweet late Wednesday evening: “Football Family. Excited to share the field with our honorary captain for Saturday’s Maize and Blue Spring Game, (Colin Kaepernick).”

Kaepernick and current Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh shared a sideline for four seasons in San Francisco, where the two participated in 48 games together. They’ll do so again on Saturday some 2,400 miles east.

Along with UM’s announcement were pictures of Kaepernick in a customized No. 7 Wolverines jersey, and posing with Harbaugh, quarterback Cade McNamara and other Michigan players, who, as it happens, were all taking a knee.

The stopover in Ann Arbor is the latest in Kaepernick’s desperation tour. Though he has no more eligibility at the college level, he’s clearly gunning for another shot at the NFL. Earlier this month he posted video on social media of him working out and captioned it “still working.”

Kaepernick has also reached out to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll in the hopes of scoring a workout with the Seahawks. However, according to OutKick’s Armando Salguero, Carroll recently told the media that his conversations with Kap “have not progressed from the early connection that we made.”

To date, the only thing to come of his social media publicity tour is the pseudo-ball boy role for the Wolverines’ intra-squad scrimmage.

The decision to honor Kaepernick will undoubtedly cause some division within the Michigan fanbase. But aligning with Kaepernick does provide the Wolverines with an opportunity to steer attention away from the ass-kicking they received from Georgia in the Orange Bowl.

Unfortunately for UM, people don’t forget. Just ask Kap.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Hahahahah holy fuck if any of you here are Michigan or Harblowme fans you really need to reevaluate your fandom. This dude has always been and always will be a totally overrated complete fucking weirdo dork of a coach. He has total I was never good enough at any sports and am desperate to fulfill the ego I’ve created for myself and don’t deserve energy. He also seems to be EXTREMELY racist behind closed doors.

  2. Harbaugh certainly has a second career as an establishment politician pushing whatever propaganda they hand him if he retires from coaching. If there were political scouts assessing prospects his write up after that might be…
    “Effortless in his use of high end racial pandering skills, creative incorporation of our top propaganda spokesman into recruiting campaign, rare ability to create separation among peers with fake virtue signaling to Twitter horde after taking queues, finely-honed fake smile that could be used equally as effectively to manipulate any voter group. 7.0 grade”

    Not just picking on Harbaugh here. I’ve seen other SEC coaches do this same sickening posturing. They’re just like politicians. It makes you nauseous.

  3. “All the more reason to Muck Fichigan”
    -Brutus Buckeye

    Political posturing, Nike-corporate engagement, and virtue-signaling
    But how many of you will stop watching Big 10 football this season??? Vote with your time and wallets folks!!!!

  4. Let me guess, Jawan Howard slapped Harbaugh around a few times and made him do this? Cuckolds do what cuckolds do. For fuck sake this is lame AF! Forget about the racial component, Harbaugh just let his impressionable 18-22 year olds know its ok to quit when things get tough. Then lie about the reasons. Great role model.

  5. As a Vikings fan, the only thing I can think of is: “Look at the bullet I just dodged” if Harbaugh had been hired here. As a college football fan, Michigan USED to be one of my favorite teams. Fuck Kaepernick and fuck Harbaugh………..

  6. WTF? Total embarrassment. The only excuse here is that he coached him. Add to this racists like J Rose wearing a “Black as Hail” T-shirt at the Sweet 16 and it really makes me wonder who is calling the shots at the UM athletic department.

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