Pete Carroll Says Kaepernick Deserves Second Chance: Stops Short Of Giving One

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The offseason seems like the perfect time to teach Seahawks coach Pete Carroll the finer points of “New number, who dis?”. On Wednesday, Carroll said Colin Kaepernick had recently called him seeking another second chance at the NFL, though Carroll wouldn’t commit to giving him one himself.

He should really start screening his calls.

Kaepernick, who no doubt misses the media spotlight, reminded everyone last week through a Twitter video that he’s “still working.” And it’s a good thing he is, because I can’t tell you how many times a day I come across people asking what Colin’s up to.

His workout conveniently hit social media just days after Seattle dealt franchise QB Russell Wilson to Denver, a move which seems to have prompted Kaepernick’s Hail Mary phone call to Carroll.

“He contacted me the other day. Said, ‘Hey, I’d like to get a shot. I’m working out.’ He sent me some videos. Next thing I know, he’s working out with (Seattle WR Tyler Lockett). I don’t know how that happened,” Carroll told media members.

The creepy stalker act didn’t exactly convince Carroll to roll the dice on the 34-year-old quarterback who last took an NFL snap in 2016. Seattle’s coach essentially told Kaep, “It’s not you, it’s me,” and offered to fix him up with a friend.

“Does that guy deserve a second shot? I think he does,” said Carroll. “Somewhere. I don’t know if it’s here.”

Pete should consider doubling as defensive backs coach because he sure knows how to backpedal.

“I don’t know where [that second chance] is. I don’t know if it’s even in football,” Carroll added. “I don’t know.”

Next time, Carroll should send Kaep straight to voicemail. He’ll get the hint eventually.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Please. This douche bag doesn’t want a chance. He just wants some attention to keep his grift going. Do you really think he wants to be cut before he ever gets on the field? Maybe he can catch on with the USFL….. 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Again, he doesn’t really want to play.

  2. Oh teams should absolutely give him a few workouts, MSESPN will cover it, Kap will under-perform, teams won’t be interested, Kap will claim victimhood (racism), further his “brand” with Nike, get richer, and lots of BIPOC kids will relate to him and seek to emulate his victimhood… perpetuate the cycle…

  3. By my count it would be his sixth chance.

    #1 Lost starting job to Gabbert, was given second chance to prove he is a starter
    #2 Lost starting job to Gabbert again, and opted out of contract instead of coming back
    #3 Denver offered him a job, refused to take it as it was reportedly not enough money
    #4 Baltimore offered him a job, he called the owner a slave owner and Ray Lewis Django
    #5 The NFL held a pro day just for him, he gave them the finger and threw footballs to nobody at a high school
    #6 Calls Pete Carroll begging to come back to be a “slave” in the NFL


  4. He might have the talent but no team wants to deal with the drama and the fans don’t want to watch him.

    It’s a business decision for these teams.

    The socialist and social justice warrior is getting a hard lesson in capitalism.

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