Michigan Football Announces Zero Positive Covid Tests, Not That It Matters

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The Michigan football program is being held hostage by a pseudo dictator in governor Gretchen Whitmer, an individual who was “glad” that the Big Ten is not playing.

The conference has been a dumpster fire for its handling of the Covid-19 situation.

Currently it is a Coaches vs Presidents situation that is set to unfold.
We have tried to explain viral load countless times. That smack to the back of the head has yet to land on folks like Whitmer, who simply wants to wield as much power as she can.

For his part, Jim Harbaugh is keeping his team ready to play…. just in case… with zero positive test for 822 given.

None of that is going to matter until administrators get it together.

For now we rest on the idea that the B1G can not hide its vote forever and that more and more folks are unhappy with the choice to cancel and are suing the league for transparency.

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    • As an USC fan for 6 decades and the biggest USC game (ND/USC) that I have considered on any USC schedule as I married into a huge Irish clan that were ND fans. The fun of it all like college football should be without all this political crap.
      I will surely miss the annual get together this season.
      My favorite time of it all was the Parseghian/McKay era.

  1. I am soooo tired of hearing about rona tests i mean it is never ending and tests don’t matter its hospitalizations that matter and were finding out those numbers are overstated. Lets stop this constant 24/7 nonstop fear mongering of the American people wash your hands wear a mask keep your distance my god its mind numbing.

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