Miami QB Makes Surprising Claim About Playing Home Games

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Miami Hurricanes QB Tyler Van Dyke made some surprising comments about where he prefers playing games.

The Hurricanes are 2-1 after losing to Texas A&M in College Station this past weekend, but it turns out the star passer for Miami probably preferred playing that game on the road.

Tyler Van Dyke prefers playing on the road. (Photo by Jack Gorman/Getty Images)

“I like away games better. We don’t really have much of a college atmosphere because we play at Hard Rock,” Van Dyke told Carson Palmer when asked if he likes playing at home or on the road.

The problem? Miami students simply don’t show up, and on the road, the future NFL QB gets to experience a true college atmosphere.

While some people might want to take some shots at Van Dyke for his comments, he actually makes a very solid point.

Miami fans notoriously don’t show up. The stadium is nearly a half hour drive from campus, and when the team is bad, it looks like they’re playing in a completely empty stadium.

Miami’s football stadium isn’t close to campus. (Credit: Google Maps)

Now, when Miami goes on the road, things can start absolutely rocking. The Hurricanes already took a trip to College Station, and have trips to Virginia Tech and Clemson still on the schedule. Both of those stadiums will easily be better than any home game Miami has all season long.

Miami QB Tyler Van Dyke prefers playing road games. (Photo by Jack Gorman/Getty Images)

Is that harsh? Maybe, but it’s also true. College football simply matters more in cities smaller than Miami where there aren’t a million things to do.

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  1. The U is reportedly planning to build a stadium closer to, if not directly on, campus, which should help the student attendance. The trip from Coral Gables (in south Miami-Dade) to Miami Gardens (in north Miami-Dade) is obviously a beating, so if this new stadium plan goes through, that should give the Canes the home field advantage they desperately want.

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