Megan Rapinoe Saying She’d Openly Welcome A Trans Player On The USWNT Shows She’s A Naive Narcissist | Mark Harris

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Megan Rapinoe has announced her plans to retire from professional soccer at the end of the year but isn’t making a quiet exit. The 38-year-old is making sure she shares her radically progressive beliefs including her incredibly naive thoughts about transgender athletes in women’s sports.

Rapinoe has long been the face of the LGBTQ community in women’s sports in America. She has turned her liberal agenda into a lucrative career both on and off the pitch.

Given that transgender athletes (biological men) competing in women’s sports is becoming the most controversial topic in modern-day sports. Rapinoe is stepping in the middle of it, putting her foot down, and predictably ignoring both science and common sense that men do not belong in women’s sports.

Rapinoe would gladly welcome a transgender athlete onto the USWNT, and anyone who disagrees with her is transphobic.

“Absolutely,’ Rapinoe told Time when asked if she’d welcome a biological man onto the women’s national team.

“‘You’re taking a ‘real’ woman’s place,’ that’s the part of the argument that’s still extremely transphobic. I see trans women as real women. What you’re saying automatically in the argument—you’re sort of telling on yourself already—is you don’t believe these people are women. Therefore, they’re taking the other spot. I don’t feel that way.”

Megan Rapinoe would happily welcome a trans athlete onto the USWNT. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

I’m going to guess that Rapinoe wouldn’t want to play against a team with a biological man on the roster. However, she and the USWNT know firsthand what it’s like to be dominated by a team of teenage boys.

What’s alarming is that this isn’t the most ridiculous statement Rapinoe made to Time. She’s so caught up in her own make-believe, biology-doesn’t-exist world that she’s refusing to recognize biological men are very much taking opportunities away from female athletes.

“Oh, now we care about fairness? Now we care about women’s sports? That’s total bullsh-t. And show me all the trans people who are nefariously taking advantage of being trans in sports. It’s just not happening,” Rapinoe said.

Megan Rapinoe Isn’t Afraid To Show Her Naivety

We’re all well aware of Lia Thomas taking opportunities away from female swimmers. Austin Killips is dominating women’s cycling, and countless other examples of biological men competing against women in other sports.


Rapinoe is aware of these biological men creeping into women’s sports, but doesn’t care because none of it is affecting her or her livelihood. Rapinoe is a well-past-her-prime, narcissistic athlete who will never have to compete against or share a locker room with a transgender athlete.

She doesn’t care about the future of women’s soccer or women’s sports. She cares about herself and herself only. It pays to be an outspoken gay woman who is accepting of biological men in women’s sports in today’s America.

Megan Rapinoe is retiring, but is still pushing her radical progressive agenda. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

When the President of the United States even wants to rewrite Title IX and ignore biology and, in turn, the fabrication of women’s sports, then why wouldn’t Rapinoe follow that same path? Don’t worry, she firmly jumped on that bandwagon months ago.

The sad and scary reality in all of this is that Rapinoe has a very real influence on thousands of young girls around the United States. She sees no issue in telling them that if a boy wants to join your sports team, then there is nothing wrong with that, even if it means that a young girl gets her dream and confidence shattered by having an opportunity taken from her.

None of this is about being pro-trans or anti-trans, either, this is about protecting women’s sports and women’s rights.

Trans athletes should be able to compete in sport, but either against those of their same biological sex or fellow trans athletes in an open division. This isn’t difficult.

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