Megan Lucky, The Viral Beer Chugging U.S. Open Fan, Took Her Talents To A Football Game

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The U.S. Open came to an end this past weekend without a jumbotron appearance by Megan Lucky, the viral beer chugging fan who was hoping for a three-peat of her performance.

It was not for a lack of effort on her part. She showed up ready for action the weekend prior to the tournament wrapping up. The blame for a lack of a three-peat falls on the shoulders of those in charge of which fans received jumbotron time.

For whatever reason, they wanted nothing to do with her this year. If the powers that be ever answered the question about why no jumbotron time for Megan this year they would probably feed everyone a boring line about the focus returning to the action on the court.

That’s great for fans of the sport. But that isn’t how you grow the game and draw new interest to the game. You do that with a 20-something beer chugging blonde.

The U.S. Open’s loss might just be everyone else’s gain because “Beer Girl” isn’t going anywhere. Megan could have very well packed it in and given up on her beer chugging aspirations, but she didn’t.

She said after being shutout by the U.S. Open that she was going to look for other opportunities to share her talents with people, “I know the universe has a plan for me and like I said last time Beer Girl’s a part of me and maybe I’ll take her to another sport that wants some of her fun-loving energy soon. So lookout for that.

“But as for now, this is not the end. It is only the beginning of a new era.”

Megan Lucky Kicked Off Her New Era At MetLife Stadium

That new era got underway Monday night at MetLife Stadium. No she didn’t end up on the jumbotron, not yet anyway, but she was back giving the people what they want – Beer Girl.

Megan was in the seats getting know Jets fans and going toe to toe by putting her talents on full display. This Jets fan didn’t stand a chance.

She said of her fresh start, “You guys really didn’t think I’d leave you hanging this year, did you? Ps. The beers are bigger here OK!?! Save it, I know.”

And just like that Beer Girl is back making noise. Is it jumbotron at the U.S. Open level of noise? Absolutely not, but it’s a start.

Megan is quite obviously building towards something here. Are we talking a content creator defining move like flashing your boobs behind home during the World Series?

While that could be in cards at some point, we shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves. She’s just dipping her beer chugging toes into another sport here.

The Aaron Rodgers injury dominated all of the headlines coming out of that game. It’s too early to tell if Megan’s going to create any momentum at football games or not.

Let’s see where this takes her. The best push the limits all the time.

Written by Sean Joseph

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