World Series Hero Julia Rose Celebrates Opening Day With Gerrit Cole

Back during much simpler times in 2019, Julia Rose became a hero to many after she and a friend flashed Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole during Game 5 of the World Series. Major League Baseball dropped the ban hammer and now fans aren’t allowed in ballparks due to ‘rona and Julia Rose was left flashing Cole from home Thursday night as he pitched for the Yankees against the Nationals.

In case you don’t remember where baseball was nearly a year ago, we were headed down another boring road with the sport. The World Series was trudging along like normal, keeping us company until another week of football cranked up and then Instagram superstar Julia Rose concocted this brilliant plan to spice it up and turn baseball into something normally seen on European soccer pitches.

For some reason, Cole blocked Rose on Twitter after the stunt. Maybe it was the only way to get Julia off his mind heading into free agency. Complex asked Julia about that moment they’ll both never forget. “Gerrit Cole for sure saw you guys, right? Because you couldn’t really tell on TV. For sure. We made eye contact for sure,” she told the site.

Rose recently announced her plan to turn herself into the modern Hugh Hefner and take her online magazine, ShagMag, to the next level as Playboy’s replacement since that brand is all but dead. “We are here to replace the bunny,” she told the NY Post. As for one day possibly attending another baseball game when fans are allowed back, Rose has big dreams. “Maybe I could sneak in,” she said. “If I wear a disguise — like a shirt — maybe they will never know.”

Julia Rose becoming famous during Game 5 of the World Series:

Julia Rose World Series


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