ESPN Re-Signs Bigot Mark Jones, Gives Him A Raise

Mark Jones of ESPN is filth. His personal and professional behavior is abhorrent, and his game-calling is mediocre.

I guess ESPN likes that combination because it just extended Jones and, according to sources, gave him a raise.

I never call for companies to fire individuals unless that individual is simply too dumb to have a job on television. And Mark Jones is certainly too dumb to have any job, let alone one on television. But ESPN is also dumb and weak to employ him. Jones has embarrassed the network for the better part of two years.

Let's recap:

A year ago, Jones cheered when 49ers linebacker Nick Bosa suffered a torn ACL. Jones thought Bosa deserved the injury because he supports Trump.

He thenmocked UFC fighter Colby Covington, a known conservative, after he broke his jaw.

Jones even once notoriously asserted that police are more likely to shoot black people dead than escort them to safety and that he would therefore refuse the standard police escort to a college football game afforded to some members of the media.

Last spring, he falsely claimed during an NBA game that Jacob Blake was “unarmed” when police shot him in 2020. Jones must have missed Blake saying, “Yeah, I had my knife,” when asked about the shooting.

However, Jones' most shameful moment came after legendary conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh died. When Limbaugh’s wife made the tearful announcement that her husband had died of lung cancer, Jones celebrated his death and promoted tweets telling Limbaugh to "rot in hell."

ESPN has declined to comment on each of these examples of bigotry and cruelty. Why is that? The same reason ESPN re-signed him: ESPN's bosses are so afraid that someone might call them racist that they chose to keep a notorious racist on staff to hopefully prove they are not racist themselves.

The network feared that if it didn't re-sign Jones that he would leak to the media that Disney is silencing a black man for speaking out against police and Trump. The network knows there are still useful idiots at the New York Times who will assist these race-baiters. They did as much for Maria Taylor last summer, and ESPN hopes to avoid another such incident. Good luck to them.

So, Jones cancompare Aaron Rodgers to members of QAnon, and management won't say a word.

On talent alone, Jones would be calling college basketball games for the MAC and Sun Belt conferences. Instead, he has taken advantage of ESPN's cowardice so that he can continue to call major NBA and college football games. 

Mark Jones is a bigoted dirtbag who lies about law enforcement officers and celebrates the physical and mental suffering of fellow Americans who have a different political opinion than he does. And ESPN just rewarded him for it. 


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Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics.. Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.