Mets Lean Into Max Scherzer’s ‘Sweat And Rosin’ Controversy With Team T-Shirts

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While there are plenty of critics bashing Max Scherzer and calling him a cheater after he was ejected against the Los Angels Dodgers, the New York Mets are very much leaning into the controversy surrounding the pitcher.

Scherzer was ejected against the Dodgers and then suspended 10 games after umpire Phil Cuzzi believed his hands were too sticky. The 38-year-old insisted it was a simple combination of sweat and rosin and yelled those three words after being tossed in Los Angeles. After the game, he swore on his kids’ lives that all he was using was sweat and rosin.

The Mets returned from their lengthy road trip on Tuesday and found a gift inside their lockers at Citi Field; blue t-shirts that read ‘Sweat and Rossin’ across the front.


Reliever Drew Smith explained that he didn’t think anyone on the team had the shirts made, but someone simply sent them to the team. Nobody in the Mets organization has taken credit for the shirts.

After Scherzer was tossed and his ‘sweat and rosin’ comments went viral, plenty of companies started pumping out t-shirts with the phrase on them.

Max Scherzer-inspired sweat and rosin shirts have flooded the internet.

You certainly can’t fault the Mets for having fun with the situation. The ejection and suspension are in the rearview and there is nothing they or Scherzer can do about it, so why not have some fun with the situation?

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