Market Analysts Officially Stick Fork In Bud Light’s Future: ‘No Recovery’

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If you’re waiting for the big Bud Light recovery — Build Back Better, as Joe Biden once said — you may not wanna hold your breath.

Turns out, it ain’t happening any time soon.

“We assume no recovery in Bud Light [this year],” RBC Capital Markets analyst James Jones said in a note this week, per Yahoo! Finance.

“Recent data continues to show that tracked channels reached a point of stabilization at significantly lower levels for Anheuser-Busch InBev than pre-controversy,” Evercore ISI analyst Robert Ottenstein added.

Bud Light outlook not great after another bad sales week.

Bud Light sales tank again as Heineken swoops in

Like Biden’s Build Back Better plan — Bud Light seems destined to fail. It also appears to be crashing in epic fashion.

The latest sales numbers are in, and they are rough.

Bud Light sales tanked 26.5% for the week ending August 5, per new Nielsen data. Volumes, meanwhile, crashed 29.7%, up slightly from the abysmal 29.3% drop the week prior.

Not great!

Hard to believe we’ve entered the fifth month of this brew controversy, but it’s even harder to believe it’s still raging as much as it is. There’s staying power, and then there’s Bud Light Boycott staying power.

Who knew? The bear was poked back in April when the company celebrated Dylan Mulvaney’s first year of being a woman, and it’s been downhill ever since.

And don’t look now, but Heineken is apparently the next beer in line to swoop in and take advantage of Bud’s downfall.

A company spokesman for the green-bottled brew told Yahoo Finance that it will spend $100 million to market a new light beer called Heineken Silver to consumers.

And hey — They also plan to give away two million free samples this year as part of that initiative.

Bottom’s up!

Written by Zach Dean

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