Mark Jones Unlikes Tweet Insinuating Colleague Stephen A. Smith Is A ‘Coon’ For Defending Jerry Jones After OutKick Request For Comment

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ESPN commentator Mark Jones endorsed a video on Twitter that seems to call ESPN colleague Stephen A. Smith is a “coon” for his defense of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Last week, Smith accused the Washington Post of trying to “eradicate” Jones for manufacturing a story about a photo of Jones from 1957, when he was 14 years old, in which he stood in the back of a crowd of white students blocking six black students from the entryway of a high school.

In response, a race-hustler named Bishop Talbert Swan quote-tweeted Smith’s segment on Monday with a cartoon video singing the words “Look at the Coon.” Mark Jones “Liked” the tweet shortly after.

The quote-tweet sits atop Jones’ timeline of likes at the time of publication:

Here are the full video clips of the song and Smith’s segment from “First Take.”

Mark Jones also spent his Monday retweeting a post that compared Jerry Jones standing in the back of a crowd at 14 years old to Chris Brown brutally beating Rihanna.

“When it’s #ChrisBrown if it’s once an abuser always an abuser, then with #JerryJones why isn’t it once a racist always a racist? #TeamDl,” tweeted DL Hughley, which Jones shared.

Downplaying an assault on Rihanna is not a route we expected Mark Jones to take. That said, baseless racist gibberish has come to define his career. Mark Jones’ recent highlights include the following.

Sharing a tweet that says 49ers linebacker Nick Bosa deserved to suffer a torn ACL for supporting Trump.

Asserted that police are more likely to shoot black people dead than escort them to safety. Jones tweeted that he would never again allow a white officer to escort him to a college football game.

— Jones spread tweets telling Rush Limbaugh to “rot in hell” moments after the conservative radio host’s wife announced his death.

— Jones announced during two separate NBA games that police had “murdered” an “unarmed” Jacob Blake. Plot Twist: Jacob Blake is still alive and he was armed when police shot him while responding to a call because Jacobs was violating a restraining order that stemmed from an alleged sexual assault.

So that should serve as a sufficient refresher of the character at hand.

Mark Jones has publically celebrated the injuries and deaths of those who do not share his political views. Any other network would have fired him for such repeated bigoted behavior. But not ESPN.

Rather, Company PR execs Josh Krulewitz and Chris Laplaca continue to defend Jones. ESPN won’t even say Jones’ comments don’t represent the network — we’ve asked.

ESPN has instead elevated the zany broadcaster’s standing at the network. ESPN recently re-signed him to a new contract and promoted him to the NBA Finals commentator last summer when Mike Breen was unavailable.

That’s how you make it in sports broadcasting, kids.

However, sharing a tweet clearly calling Stephen A. Smith a “coon” could be the one line ESPN won’t allow Jones to cross. Smith is the face of ESPN. He’s the network’s most notable personality. And because Smith is black, Jones cannot cite racism should ESPN address his behavior.

Stephen A. certainly won’t appreciate a replaceable, talent-challenged employee publicly endorsing a tweet that mocks him with a racist and derogatory term.

OutKick emailed both Mark Jones and ESPN for comment. Neither has responded. We hope they do at some point and we will update this story if so.

UPDATE: Mark Jones removes the tweet from his timeline of likes following OutKick and Fox News’ requests for comment.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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    When RGIII goes full high beams with that toothy grin he’s better than Eddie Murphy’s SNL Buckwheat …

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