Mark Cuban Blasts California: ‘It’s Just About People Shi–ing On The Street’

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California has turned into a hell hole. Everyone living in reality has noticed the downward trend of the state over the last few years and now even billionaire liberal Mark Cuban has realized just how bad things have gotten in Gavin Newsom’s state.

In a soon-to-be-released episode of the ‘Club Random’ podcast, Cuban sat down with Bill Maher and the two got to talking about just how terrible things have gotten in California.

According to the Daily Caller, which viewed the episode, Maher was the one who began the conversation by stating “this state is nuts.” This led Cuban to share his opinion before the two agreed California, specifically San Francisco, has turned into a toilet.

“I’m all for intelligent, liberal moves, but this state is nuts,” Maher said.

“Yeah, they do go a little bit overboard. I could not live here as a permanent resident just because the taxes and the regulation,” Cuban remarked back.

“And those are the reasons, taxes and regulations?” Maher asked Cuban.

“That’s a big part of it. Just because, look at what’s happening in San Francisco. An entire industry is getting pushed out. The whole technology industry went from, okay, this is the new thing and now, it’s just about people shi–ing on the street,” Cuban said.

“I was going to say, the cleaning up the sh-t off the street industry is doing very well,” Maher noted.

“Really well,” Cuban added. “You know the apps that say where you can go take a sh-t?”

California To Drop Indoor, Workplace Mask Mandate On Feb. 15
California Gov. Gavin Newsom has helped turn the state into a literal toilet. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).

Cuban and Maher aren’t making this stuff up. San Francisco alone has paid over $50 million to clean up its streets with over 132,000 reported instances of human fecal matter in the city between 2008 and 2019.

People in California are responding as the latest U.S. Census shows that over 340,000 people moved out of the state in just one year

In 2020, the census estimated the state’s population was 39,538,223. That’s now dropped to 39,029,342, a 508,881 loss in just two years. California’s lost nearly the entire population of Wyoming since 2020.

Written by Mark Harris


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