Clay Twitter Tussles With Mark Cuban, Who Still Won’t Come On Clay and Buck For Actual Debate

Clay Travis. Mark Cuban. Newly minted multi-millionaire. Billionaire. COVID. Vaccines. Natural immunity. Boosters. Titans of the industry. One night (for now because Mark won’t come on the Clay & Buck radio show). One forum.

Let’s get it on!

Just when I think Clay’s going to get some rest to be fresh Saturday morning for his hits all across the Fox News family of channels, OutKick’s founder laces up the gloves and unleashes a barrage of tweets against a fellow titan of the industry in the form of Mavs owner Mark Cuban who is preparing for an NBA season that will see Mavs fans required to show proof that they’ve been jabbed with the vax.

Mark’s official rules for attendance are:

• Masks required

• Proof of vaccination; or…

• Negative test within 48 hours of attendance

• Children under 12 will not be permitted to be closer than 15 feet from the court

Clay, who could’ve been snuggled up in his recliner after continuous battle for months on end, decided it was time to enter the Battle Dome. No nights off!

Let’s do this!


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. All I know is that I will not ever again pay to go to a pro sporting event, with the exception of maybe, hockey – they aren’t so woke. I don’t think I will even take free tix from friends. I didn’t miss a steeler game on directv from 1995 – Tomlin trying to embarrass Villanueva. But have barely seen any games since. And cancelled directv… apparently so have lots of other people (they basically tried to have me stay for free for a year). I had directv at two houses….

  2. How bout an opinion on the chicoms who stomp on their on peoples civil rights of which there are none and imprison muslim minorities and harvest their organs nasty brutal stuff yet not a word from this POS cuban really a pathetic individual

  3. It’s amazing (and sad) what rubbing elbows with the wrong people can do to even a guy like Cuban who used to actually think for himself. Odd to see someone like that just subscribe to groupthink and bend the knee to the Woke, China, etc.

  4. Data has been manipulated to tell the story people want to tell forever. The truth about Covid, natural immunity and the vaxx are all that we just don’t know. What we do know, is that American people should be free to make the decision for themselves and assess the risk and make choices on how they want to live their life. But as always.. follow the money.

  5. Wait, now we are talking about “extending immunity”. That is distorting the definition of what it means to be immune from something.

    Similarly the COVID shots are not vaccines are not be definition since they do not provide immunity from COVID.

    The Corona-bros are hijacking our vocabulary to control the narrative.

  6. Cuban showed his hand during the election. When pressed, he could never make a cogent case why he was supporting Sloppy Joe. The best he could offer is Joe hosted a roundtable about small business growth and mumbled a bunch of irrational and emotional (like a woman) jibberish about Trump. He didn’t want to upset the apple cart with China. That was the bottom line.

  7. Liberals like Cuban won’t ever understand that the best way to protect yourself from any virus is to strengthen your own immunity through eating the right foods, getting enough sunlight and exercising.

    You can tell he opts for surgeries as soon as he sees an issue with his face.

  8. I have had freaking Mavs season tickets since 1984-85, just four years after the team came into existence. They were so wonderful back then under owner Don Carter, who had played God Bless America before games. Now, you are lucky to get the ONLY national anthem at a game and if you do, it is a guess whether the woke (players, coaches, trainers, etc.) care to stand for it as a show of respect. I had paid for the 2020-21 season back in March of last year and thus am “paid in full” for the upcoming season. I am a crazy sports nut, but I really just want to put these tickets on the market and be rid of them rather going dressing like I am going into a war zone at the arena. No owner more woke than Cuban. This is all a virtual signal.

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