President Donald Trump Joins Clay Travis To Talk Big Ten Football And More

President Donald Trump visited with Outkick’s Clay Travis this morning on Clay’s Outkick The Coverage radio program on Fox Sports Radio.

The President and Clay talked about a wide variety of topics, from the U.S. Open golf tournament, to the President’s role in the return of Big Ten football, the Trump campaign’s debate preparation, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, as well as the civil unrest in cities across the nation.

This was the second time the Leader of the Free World has made an appearance on Clay Travis’ program. The first was back in August. Some regular guy talk ensued, on topics ranging from NFL and NBA ratings, to China, to college football. Just a couple of regular dudes talking about world affairs. No big whoop.

Travis, the founder of Outkick, played a major role in setting up the phone call between Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren and President Donald Trump, which centered on the Big Ten’s return to play.

John Ourand and Michael Smith reported on the story in the Sports Business Journal. Travis had relationships with White House aide Timothy Pataki as well as Carrie Cecil, a communications specialist whom Kevin Warren and the Big Ten hired to help with messaging. Those relationships led to a call between Warren and the President. Now it’s become even more apparent that the Dynamic Duo of Trump and Travis has saved the Big Ten season, if not all of college football.

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  1. That bozo that called yesterday upset about you having Trump on and not Biden (gee I can’t imagine why the Biden Cabal wouldn’t allow him to do an open interview he couldn’t prepare for with someone who isn’t just an MSM DNC toadie who will loft softballs?) is gonna be pissed LOL!

  2. Good job, Clay. The NYT is really upset over this news. From their morning-briefing e-mail: “The Big Ten reversed its decision to call off the football season after coming under intense pressure from coaches, players, fans and Trump.”

    No mention of Clay, of course. They probably didn’t spend any time looking into what was behind the reversal. Easier to simply blame the deplorable fans and Trump.

  3. What a great President will be wonderful to have him another 4 years and he does his job for free he donates his entire salary unlike the career pols that suck up every dollar they can including the clown running against him.

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