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Like It Or Not, Return Of Big Ten Football A Win For Trump And Masculinity

Donald Trump’s biggest bet is on masculinity. It’s his calling card, his defining characteristic, his primary tool for re-election. His opponents showcase their alleged empathy. President Trump highlights his masculinity. 

Masculinity is an aphrodisiac, a reason to fall in love.

Midwest people love football, a sport that rouses feelings of toughness, strength and power. 

That’s why Wednesday’s announcement that the Big Ten would indeed have a 2020 season wasn’t just a win for college football fans.

It was a victory for Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, the President made sure to remind everyone that two weeks ago he called Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren to make the case for the conference to reverse its decision to cancel football season.

“This was completely dead in the water on August 31,” a Senior White House Administration Official said Wednesday afternoon on a teleconference with reporters. “That (phone) call was probably the most pivotal call in Big Ten football this year.”

Yes, the White House conducted a teleconference Wednesday to trumpet Trump’s role in bringing football back to the Midwest. It was the start of a victory lap for Trump, the President’s chance to do the Heisman pose in the end zone or dunk over the goal posts.

“After speaking with (President Trump) this morning, I can tell you that he’s honored; he’s humbled that he was able to make a difference in this,” said the unnamed Senior Administration Official. “The President is willing to tackle challenges as tough as Middle East peace, whether it’s Israel, UAE or Bahrain. Or actually getting the Ohio State Buckeyes or Michigan Wolverines to agree on something. This president is going to tackle whatever challenges there are and do anything he can to make American lives better.”

Sound a bit hokey and overstated? Perhaps.

But Trump doesn’t care.

He knows Dan Wolken, Christine Brennan and the rest of the woke sports media brigade will ridicule him for taking credit for the Big Ten’s return. He knows they’ll say the decision was more about new COVID-19 medical information or advancements in testing procedures.

But it doesn’t matter to Trump.

As long as he looks masculine — and not weak – he wins.

Almost certainly, Wednesday’s development will impact Trump’s approval rating in the Midwest. The Big Ten includes Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa, three states that Trump narrowly won in the 2016 election.

Now, during one of the darkest times in recent American history, he’s helped bring back excitement and energy to those states when they needed it most.

Maybe Trump’s phone call to Warren played no role in the reversal. His critics can make that argument. But what about the empathy he showed frustrated Big Ten parents and athletes? Trump’s public involvement in the Big Ten negotiations surely inspired Ohio State parents and Nebraska athletes to keep fighting the Big Ten school presidents. 

The anonymous Administration official bragged that White House representatives engaged in more than 300 phone calls with Big Ten administrators, players, parents and coaches. 

When you add on the untold number of phone calls between President Trump and his representatives with Outkick founder Clay Travis, well, it’s impossible to say the President’s engagement played no role. 

Today is a great day for Trump and football fans. And a bad day for the Coronabros. 

Written by Jason King

Jason is a nationally-respected sports reporter and features writer who began his career in 1998 at The Kansas City Star. He covered the Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball team for seven years before moving on to stints as a national college reporter at Yahoo! Sports and From 2013-17, King was a Senior Writer at Bleacher Report, where his primary focus was longform features and profiles. He has authored three books on Kansas basketball.Jason’s work has received multiple mentions in the popular book series “Best American Sportswriting.” In 2015 and 2016, he was tabbed as one of the top five beat reporters in the nation by the Associated Press Sports Editors.


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    • Completely agree. Regardless of political party that’s in charge, it’s inexcusable for university “leaders” to hold athletes hostage while simultaneously lining their pockets by bringing thousands of students back on campus. Their political stunt will end up backfiring on them.

      Those clowns will be driving students to other avenues to learn as their overpriced universities will start to become obsolete.

  1. Trump is masculine and empathetic…he just doesn’t show it very often on Twitter and 90% of the news outlets never report on it…but when it comes to his workers, soldiers, etc…he can not only show empathy but act on it

  2. On one yard line was true. Swamp is all status quo, Trump gets stuff done. This is big because radical blue govs. were all fighting this .(Pa., Mich, Ill., Minn., Wisc.) Obama would have sent John Kerry and James Taylor to sing “you’ve got a friend” to Ryan Day. MAGA!

  3. There was never nothing more masculine than Obama throwing out a first pitch at a baseball game. You could feel your cockles beginning to boil. Estonia saw it and thought we may be able to take their ass. The O wouldn’t have done jack squat and still got credit when it came back. Because Trump is a mogul he couldn’t possibly care about the working man. On the other hand a man with a 5 minute career and launched his political ambitions in the home of a domestic terrorist, called a church home for a decade or two that had a disgrace of “preacher” – yes that guy bleeds for the country. I don’t know that he hates America but sho doesn’t love it. Is it that 1/2 black thing that Jason Whitlock touched on.
    When you hang with folk who hate and or want to do harm to America what does say about you. Just another thing Donald Trump won’t a smidge of credit for. Thank you Mr. President.

  4. Trumps call did sway the outcome of this decision. Even if the Big 10 presidents hate his guts, the weight of his office and publicity brought this issue to the forefront. Trump making a phone call forced attention to the matter, which forced them all out into the open with the decision making. After a Trump called there was no more hiding this. If Trump would not have gotten involved it would have gone under the radar and there would be no Big 10 football right now, plain and simple.

  5. J. King: “When you add on the untold number of phone calls between President Trump and his representatives with Outkick founder Clay Travis, well, it’s impossible to say the President’s engagement played no role. Today is a great day for Trump and football fans. And a bad day for the Coronabros.”

    Hey Jason King…And that’s the point, as you’re explaining it…Trump is all about getting stuff done.
    China Joe Biden…Barack Obama…ANY BIG NAME Dimcrap coulda made headlines trying to broker a deal to get young athletes back on the gridiron…but they didn’t. Fear is their calling card.
    Good for The Prez !!!

  6. Jason, I agree Trump’s opponents showcase their “alleged” empathy. Most of us know they don’t really have any empathy. The Democratic party could not possibly be any more corrupt. The Liberal elites want to institute Marxism for the rest of us while they live in their gated mansions……And after the quote below by Kamala Harris (whether she made a Freudian slip or was speaking to her base is irrelevant), I don’t know how anyone can deny the corruption of the Democratic Party. The liberal elites eat their own (just like they’ll eat us if we let them), and we all knew they only made Biden their nomination because he’ll be a good Marxist puppet.

    Ridiculous quote by Harris :

  7. One more notch for Trump on his bedpost. The way he just did the liberals and their prized universities, he may as well be smoking a cigarette in bed. Great to see Big 10 football back. BTW, Minnesota WILL go Trump`s way this time! Go Gophers!!

  8. I’m reminded of a line from the “Trump vs Hilary” Epic Rap Battle “We need a strong male leader who can stand up to China. Not a crooked little wishy washy bleeding heart vagina.”

    “Empathy” is commonly a cover for the emotion of sympathy, which is not beneficial for the victim nor the sympathizer. People need encouragement, not sympathy. Trump knows this.

  9. Trump gets shit done. That’s his primary calling card. Meanwhile, Biden is yammering and stammering about superstorms and social distancing and quartermasters working in the women’s department. Pathetic.

  10. So now what says YOU Pac 12? Are you going to be the “Masked conference of shame?” Politically it means nothing. (Cali, Ore, Wash, Utah and AZ) But we fans out west sure are watching to see if usted tengo cajones.

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