Outkick Exclusive Interview: President Trump Discusses the Return of Pro Sports, His Hopes for College With Clay

Where does President Donald Trump go to talk sports? Why, Outkick of course.

The President joined Clay Travis on Tuesday morning to discuss the return of the NFL, the NBA ratings and China, and college football and the college athletes who are willing to play while their university presidents are bowing to the Coronabros.

The President joined the debate for college football on Monday with a Tweet supporting Trevor Lawrence and the #WeWantToPlay movement that Lawrence and several other athletes started late Sunday night.

“The student-athletes have been working too hard for their season to be cancelled. #WeWantToPlay,” Trump said on Twitter.

He had a lot more to say about that, with Clay.

Listen to the full interview above.

Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael has 11+ years covering golf and college football. He's walked alongside Tiger, bleeds Purple and Gold, and is thankful for Joe Burrow! DBAP


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    • Did y’all see that MSESPN did an entire story about that interview and never even mentioned Clay? They just said that the president was speaking on “Fox Sports Radio”…no free pub for Clay from the mothership I guess 😂

    • Correct, I agree that this legitimizes Clay/ Whitlock Strong.. And also All involved in the Out kick cast to be shot to the top of sports talk radio. Sure the show will be now be called “Racist” by every Left-wing, mob-activist. In other words The so- called “media”. That is Clearly caving to any of the twitter mobs. (Let’s be real, Most are the sewer of the country, then bots x1000) For simply having Trump on to speak. Stand Strong And Keep speaking the truth, in turn We Will Stand With You And Support You.. The Silent Majority have jobs and detest the De-fund The Police Movement toward the Anarchy pushed by the Antifa Communists taking advantage of Any and All situations that have been well founded and trying to destabilize any sort of laws and order.. The current Democrats running, also the ones already in Congress, Refuse to denounce any of the riots, the burning down of cities, massive and blatant looting by the mobs.. Trump is a Leader amongst the Children running these major city- Hell holes, Full of the children-mentality, That have been run by Democrats for Decades..

  1. Can’t wait to listen to the interview – I think it would be great to do a follow up and have Jason involved as well. Congratulations for getting this interview, you guys are busting your asses and it shows in the content you are putting up. Fantastic.

  2. Congrats Clay! Finally got my VIP and very excited to be part of the DBAP world. Awesome interview with the POTUS! You really hit it out of the park. I cant wait to read the book! Lets make some money this football season.

  3. Clay, if you read this I would like to offer a suggestion regarding college football playing in the fall. I listened to Joel Klatt yesterday on the Big Ten network. He made an argument that the problem is really about liability for the Big Ten and the members. The liability has to do with health issues which could possibly happen with the athletes Contracting Long term pulmonary issues (provided that they had COVID-19). Of course, there is no scientific data to indicate or support that outcome. That doesn’t seem to be the issue however. According to Joel, it’s really about the fear and size of the liability. The athletes, if they do have a problem and lose their professional career, the members schools and the Big Ten would be sued.
    The obvious solution is insurance. The risk factor and liability is measured. I think the insurance cost would be quite manageable. The risk factor is very low and liability, if provable,Is also of a manageable level. You already know the answer to this but, Ohio State only had 10 players go to the NFL. If one or two players cannot fulfill a NFL career That cost is manageable through insurance. There’s plenty of money coming into a league, like the Big Ten and that cost could be handled at that level.
    However, Logic says, there is a much larger cost liability to the Big Ten if they cancel the season while the ACC, SEC, and probably the Big 12 proceed with the season. Not only will current recruiting dry up, but future players will not trust that league and will go to the Leagues that “have their back”.
    What happens if this year Ohio State (Penn State, Iowa, and Nebraska) joins the SEC or ACC league for This season. Then Pandora’s box is open. Maybe (obviously) the SEC, or ACC sets up a new “Central League” for those teams. It would be at that point easy to fill that league out, obtain new contracts with the media, probably for more dollars then they get from the Big Ten. The Big Ten would never recover. Ohio State is the Alpha Dog, in this “Logical” scenario. They have the highest ratings and the largest followings. Surely Nebraska and Iowa would follow as, I think, Penn State would also. I think in this financial scenario, Oklahoma, Navy, Army would be very compelling additions also. Now the financial scales are tipped and the financial bet for not following along for schools like Wisconsin and Michigan are significant. So if the Big Ten presidents and the Big Ten Network is truly concerned about liability they should think about all the cascading scenarios that canceling a season has. I don’t believe that pushing the season to a spring schedule makes any sense. Can you imagine having back to back seasons in the same year for football. In addition, all the NFL candidates would not be playing in the spring. So that, “pushing the season to the spring“ is entirely bogus. The players have spoken.
    Clay, and OutKick, certainly have the connections and cachet to push forward “A complete logic Scenario for College Football”.

  4. Did anyone else hear B. Jones claim “people who boo & throws things when athletes kneel during anthem, are RACISTS’ ( 9:40 in> 1M1H1B1Ff&ad! ) on Friday’s ATH? Gasp-does that mean people who boo & throws things at cops are RACISTS also..Hmmm?

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