Lindsay Brewer Put On A Content Clinic As She Destroyed Saint-Tropez

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Lindsay Brewer is making the most of the latest break in the 2023 USF Pro 2000 Championship schedule. With the action on the track not resuming until the end of August, the 26-year-old is enjoying some of the best that Europe has to offer with some friends.

A couple days ago the racecar driver professed her love for Saint-Tropez. That was just the beginning of content to come for her during this vacation. She followed up her bleached hair and fake nails with some bikini looks.

Lindsay’s added 70 points to her total since we last checked in back in June. Despite that, she hasn’t helped her pick up any ground in the standings. She’s still sitting in 20th place.

But there were some things to build off of during her last time out on the track in Toronto. She started the two races in 19th place, but improved each time out.

Lindsay finished the first race in 16th place and the second race in 12th place. That’s not where she wants to be, but it’s a process and you have to use the little wins as motivation along the way.

If you were expecting her current situation to keep her down you’re sadly mistaken. That’s exactly what the haters want to see happen, but it’s not going to happen.

Lindsay Brewer Racecar Driver Bikini
Marlo Buccola, Lindsay Brewer and Bec Hendrickse attend Rafa Racing Celebrates Miami Race Week. (Photo by Romain Maurice/Getty Images for Haute Living)

There’s No Better Way To Prepare For A Strong Finish

Lindsay isn’t just a racecar driver, she’s got a brand to feed with content. That requires a vacation from time to time and some hours put in wearing a bikini.

That doesn’t hurt her racing whatsoever. She’ll get back in the lab and continue to tweak and improve her racing. But there’s no need to rush into that now.

There’s a handful of races left and the most important thing right now is staying mentally ready. What better way to do that than with some time in Saint-Tropez before heading to Rome?

I can’t think of any. Get out with some friends, throw a bikini on, and keep the content rolling. That’s how you set yourself up for a really strong finish.

Written by Sean Joseph

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