Lindsay Brewer Keeps Her Promise To Never Stop Wearing Bikinis

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Lindsay Brewer delivered a message to her haters and a promise to her fans/followers last month. The promise was that she wasn’t going to stop wearing her bikinis, bleaching her hair, and wearing her fake nails.

She delivered on that promise earlier this week. It’s hard to tell if her nails are fake, but Lindsay brought multiple bikinis and her bleached blonde hair with her to Lake Powell for some fun on the water.

Lindsay Brewer Keeps Her Promise To Never Stop Wearing Bikinis
Lindsay Brewer attends the premiere of Sony Pictures’ “Bloodshot” (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

The fun included her spending some time behind the wheel of a boat as she and her friends made their way around the artificial reservoir on the Colorado River in Utah and Arizona.

Lindsay initially made the promise during an interview where she revealed that older female drivers had given her advice to stop doing those things.

They claimed that posting bikini pictures make women in the industry look bad. The 26-year-old disagreed with advice. She rightfully didn’t think she had to be put in a box in order to be a female racecar driver.

She’s right about that. There’s no reason a racecar driver with model good looks can’t tear up the track and social media at the same time.

“I will always have my hair bleached, I’ll have my fake nails, but yet I can still be a bada** driver,” Lindsay said. “I don’t wanna be put into certain categories.”

She added, “I still can take care of myself and look “glamorous” and girly, but still be quick on the track.”

Lindsay Brewer Is A Woman Of Her Word

The results haven’t been there for Lindsay this season on the racetrack. She’s currently sitting in 20th place in the standings having collected just nine points.

But that doesn’t mean she still can’t enjoy her time away from the track. Is there a better way to do that than by grabbing a few bikinis and heading out for some time on the water? I can’t think of any.

In racing, as with any other sport, it’s not how you respond when things are going well. It’s how you navigate the adversity.

Despite the season she’s currently having, Lindsay’s still working hard and playing hard.

Written by Sean Joseph

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