Left-Wing Twitter Melts Down Over ‘Racist’ Bill Maher Adding CNN Segment

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CNN announced plans to air a segment of Bill Maher’s HBO program on Fridays.

The network will pivot away from “CNN Tonight” to broadcast Maher’s post-show segment “Overtime” as a means to improve ratings.

The channel continues to set record-low viewership, last week averaging its lowest total in nine years. CNN lacks star power, an individual who’s appointment-viewing. That’s where Maher comes in. HBO and CNN share common ownership and Maher is the golden goose.

But he isn’t as politically correct as the average CNN host. He’s a Democrat but has not progressed with the party’s demands. He says the party has changed, not him.

Presently, he mocks the Woke Left as frequently as he does the Right. And therein lies the outrage.

Maher trended on Twitter Tuesday morning as left-wing blue-checks railed against an independent voice encroaching on their territory.

Often unstable “Young Turks” host Cenk Uygur didn’t appreciate CNN including someone who doesn’t support his opinions:

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan suggested Maher is a racist. He called for his “cancellation” for the crime of opposing cancel culture:

Former cable news host Keith Olbermann stays home on Friday nights. He pets his dogs and consumes left-wing commentary on television. But he’ll be damned if he turns to CNN again.

KO is protesting the move:

Elsewhere, The Anti-White Bishop is crestfallen that CNN would dare to include Maher’s “Mayonnaise Tears” on its airwaves.

“Bill Maher attacked ‘wokeness,’ called himself ‘a house n**ga,’ defended @IngrahamAngle, hosted @megynkelly to complain about Black ‘victimhood’ and @MrsSOsbourne to complain about cancel culture. His Mayonnaise Tears Tour will now continue on @CNN,” tweets The Bishop.

Note: The Swan says a white folk is either a “Melanin Deficient Monster,” “Mayonnaise Dripper,” or a “Melanin Deficient Demon.”

We now know which phrase defines Bill Maher.

The side of diversity and inclusion again proves they are far from. In fact, they are on the side of exclusion. They often call for the ostracization of anyone who sees a matter differently than the prevailing narrative.

Maher has exposed degrees of their hysteria — from Covid-19 dramatics to the woke mob, from obesity to CRT in the classroom. And they hope to ruin him for that.

Ultimately, Maher is a grave threat to the movement. While they can dismiss the likes of Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson, it’s a challenge to disregard a Democrat, anti-Trump comedian.

Maher is also more influential than any media pundit on their side, save for perhaps Rachel Maddow.

That’s what sets him apart from less popular satirists, like Trevor Noah and John Oliver. Maher admitted as much last month, explaining the difference between him and the others:

“I tell the truth. I don’t perform for just one-half of the country and say the things that will make them applaud.”

Obviously, angry left-wing blue checks preferred CNN to remain focused on just that one-half.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest media topics as well as trending sports, cultural and political stories.

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