Anti-White Bishop Talbert Swan Misidentifies 6-Year-Old Shooter’s Race To Complete Race Bait

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A character named Bishop Talbert Swan boasts one of the most racist accounts on Twitter. He tweets around 18 times a day, with at least 16 tweets smearing people for their white skin.

Recently, Swan has called the white race a bunch of “melanin deficient monsters” and “mayonnaise drippers.” This week, he added “melanin deficient demons” to his Rolodex of slurs.

His schtick includes a tiresome game of whataboutism. Earlier this month, Bishop railed about the coverage of a 6-year-old who shot his teacher. Swan assumed the boy was white.

He said if the boy were black, police would have come for his parents:

And the boy’s distant cousins:

For a man who built a career around race-baiting, Swan continues to perform at a low level. As he continued to bash the “white boy,” he never stopped to confirm the race of the shooter.

It turns out, the boy is not white. He’s black, per the New York Post.

An employee for Tim Pool’s media company — also a melanin-deficient monster –notified the Bishop that his drivel was not factual.

However, he didn’t appreciate the update:

The Bishop includes the hashtag #TruthIsNotHate in his bio. But he obviously has a deep disdain for the truth. Hence the block.

According to the New York Post, the boy shot his teacher and told another educator he wanted to light her on fire to watch her die.

Note: There are no current records of any “demands to arrest the boy’s parents and uncles,” as Swan said would be the case if the boy were black.

You might ask yourself how Swan has defended posting a tweet with 5 million views with false information.

Answer: by tweeting that white folks deny that Jesus Christ was a black man. How else?

Quite the deflection, if I may say so myself.

The Bishop first made waves in 2020 when a report surfaced that he owed $81,000 in child support and had evaded taxes. Swan blamed his crimes on — wait for it — “mayonnaise-dripping white people.

When not slurring “Wypipo”, Swan is calling black people who disagree with him “coons.” Sports fans may remember Swan from December. That’s when he posted a tweet of the video “Look at the Coon” above a clip from Stephen A. Smith.

ESPN broadcaster Mark Jones then shared the tweet on his timeline. Jones, a bigot himself, frequently retweets Swan’s racist posts.

Here’s what else the racist bishop has been up to of late:

A true man of God, and anti-racism.

Anyway, which of the Bishop’s nicknames for white people do you prefer?

— “Melanin deficient monsters”

— “Mayonnaise drippers”

— “Melanin deficient demons.”

Let us know.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Why is this asshole here in America? He should be surrounding himself in total blackness in Africa. Then he can dance around in a grass skirt while flies land on his head. Then the boy can pick them off and eat them for supper.

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