LeBron James Argues With Referee, Freaks Out Over Clock Malfunction While Coaching Bryce’s AAU Team Alongside Rajon Rondo

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LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of the modern era, if not of all-time. He is also the epitome of a corny AAU dad in the best way.

Whether you hate LeBron or adore LeBron, there is no way to discount the love that he has for his kids. The four-time NBA champion is always pushing his three children to be better people and to approach every moment with the utmost passion and intensity.

NBA star LeBron James coaches his son from the bench.
(Photo by: Katie Goodale-USA TODAY Network)

For LeBron’s two sons, that push also comes on the basketball court. Bronny is off to USC for his freshman year of college and Bryce is already being recruited at a high level.

While there is plenty of debate surrounding Bronny’s potential on the hardwood, and whether he is overrated because of his last name, Bryce is expected to out-shine his older brother. He has already signed with NIL representation, recently transferred to one of the top high school basketball programs in Southern California, and will be able to play just about anywhere that he chooses when it’s all said and done.

In the meantime, it’s AAU season.

Bryce’s team, Strive For Greatness, competed at the Peach Jam in Augusta, Georgia last week. It is one of the elite AAU tournaments in the country.

LeBron James took over coaching duties with Rajon Rondo.

Strive For Greatness ultimately finished third in its pool and did not compete for a Peach Jam title. That didn’t stop Bryce from balling out!

As Bryce did his thing on the court, his father really got into the whole coaching thing off of the court. Well, LeBron ventured out onto the court on a few different occasions, whether to get a message across to his players or to get up in the official’s face.

Brent Wilson was in the stands for one of Strive For Greatness’ game and documented LeBron’s coaching in the form of a highlight tape.

The coaching mixtape features:

  • LeGamePlan
    • LeBron James putting everything together on paper during pregame
  • LeNeedATimeOut
    • LeBron James coaching up his huddle
  • LeCallTheShots
    • LeBron James calling plays
  • LeArgue
    • LeBron James chirping at the referee
  • LeSideLineWarning
    • LeBron James halfway out onto the court telling his players to get their hands up
  • LeClipboard
    • LeBron James drawing up a play
  • LeNeedASub
    • LeBron James running to his bench to get a substitute in the game
  • LeCanHeNotSub?
    • LeBron James frustrated with the substitution rules
  • LeClockMalfunction
    • LeBron James getting upset over a clock error
  • LeSportsmanship
    • Shaking hands at the end of the game

He was coaching like it was Game 7 of the NBA Finals, which made for some serious animation.

Another clip shows the full substitution scenario play out in real time, with the audio attached.

All-in-all, Strive For Greatness didn’t have the showing that it might have hoped. Was its NBA coaching staff to blame?! Either way, win or loss, the tournament led to the LeBron coaching highlights so it was a win.

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