Lawyer By Day, OnlyFans Model By Night, Denise Rocha Hands Out Legal Advice To Men Caught Cheating

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Some in the legal profession give up their occupation for a life of creating OnlyFans content. Others steal money from their clients and blow it on subscriptions to OnlyFans models. Then there are those who keep their day job and create explicit content on the side.

39-year-old lawyer, Denise Rocha, is one of the ones enjoying the best of both worlds. The Brazilian headline seeker is now handing out legal advice to men who have been caught cheating. Or, as is the case with her first “client,” men who were busted on looking at women on OnlyFans.

Lawyer OnlyFans Model Denise Rocha
Lawyer and OnlyFans model who gives cheating men legal advice (Image Credit: Denise Rocha/Instagram)

The man’s wife had filed for divorce after catching him on the exclusive content platform and had reached out for advice. Now she receives upwards of 70 requests a day.

“Despite what many people think, I didn’t give up my career as a lawyer,” Rocha said. “In fact, I receive more than 70 requests daily to represent unfaithful spouses. I am referred to as an expert on the subject.”

Becoming an expert on the subject has turned into big business for the OnlyFans lawyer. She now makes $100,000 a month selling what she calls her “combo package” to cheating men.

While Rocha claims to have not given up her career as lawyer after taking her talents to OnlyFans, it doesn’t appear as if she’s holding regular office hours.

Unless those office hours involve dressing in a bikini and spending time on the beach. She’s giving off full-fledged influencer vibes on Instagram.

An OnlyFans Lawyer Makes Sense To Some

You know the vibes – it’s all about content, content, content. The appearance of a nonstop vacation, bikinis in every other post, and probable cosmetic enhancements.

That’s not to say Rocha isn’t able to dish out valuable legal advice. Her combo packages appear to be flying of the virtual shelves. Some of that has to be due to the legal advice.

Getting caught cheating, or scrolling through OnlyFans feeds, then reaching out for legal advice on the platform is move that deserves a certain level of respect.

It isn’t a strategy for everyone, but to each their own. Some prefer their legal advice in the form of a package that includes some OnlyFans content on the side.

That’s far from the craziest thing going on these days.

Written by Sean Joseph

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