Florida Attorney Spent More Than $840,000 In Stolen Money On Drugs & OnlyFans

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An ambulance chasing attorney in Florida was arrested this week for allegedly stealing money from several of his clients. According to the sheriff, he spent the stolen money on drugs and porn.

Christopher Michael Reynolds was arrested on charges of money laundering and grand theft. The 44-year-old personal injury attorney is accused of stealing more than $840,000 from 16 of his clients.

Florida Attorney
Attorney arrested for stealing from clients (Image Credit: Pinellas county Sheriff’s Office)

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri announced the arrest on Monday. He detailed how Reynolds stole the money and how it was used.

“He agreed to represent them in a personal injury case, he referred them to doctors, he sent monetary demand packages to insurance companies, forged clients’ names on settlement documents, and pocketed all the settlement money, leaving people with no compensation for their injuries and holding the bag for all of their medical bills,” the sheriff said.

According to Gualtieri, Reynolds then spent the stolen money on drugs and OnlyFans content.

Reynolds had been running his personal injury practice, in what appears to be a strip mall, since 2015. Most of his clients were people who had been in car accidents.

Details about when the attorney allegedly started lining his pockets were not provided. But detectives started looking into his business practices in October of last year.

Florida Attorney
Florida attorney’s office (Image Credit: Pinellas county Sheriff’s Office)

Florida Attorneys Aren’t Immune To Losing Their Minds

The investigation got underway after one of Reynolds’ clients reached out to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. The client told detectives that Reynolds had stopped communicating with them.

To make matters worse, he never paid the client’s medical bills and the client never received compensation. The investigation uncovered, through his financial records, where the money had gone.

“It’s believed that a portion of the stolen money was used to buy drugs,” Gualtieri explained. “His bank records show he spent over $30,000 on the website OnlyFans.”

After his arrest, Reynolds was booked into the Pinellas County Jail. He was officially charged with 13 counts of grand theft and two counts of money laundering. His bond was set at $395,000.

$30,000 is an impressive amount of money to blow on OnlyFans models. Even for an ambulance chaser who operates their business out of a strip mall.

Aside from being a strip mall attorney who chases ambulances, there had to have been other red flags that his client’s ignored. Who among us can function properly with a drug habit and an OnlyFans model addiction?

Written by Sean Joseph

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